Who is "Toast from the Host"? - Meet & Greet Lauren

Hi Friends, my name is Lauren Bazunu and I am Toast from the Host. What I do is "Toast from the Host" and what I love is "Toast from the Host". Confusing right? Yea...well let me clear that up. I created Toast from the Host back in 2011 as an outlet for my creativity and passion for parties. While in high school I planned little events such as a Progressive Dinner for myself and friends. We would dress up and visit a list of restaurant locations for each part of our meal as the evening progressed. 


***Insert picture of all us in LBD****


It was imperative for us to be dressed on theme, little black dresses of course. And as a fun addition we all had custom lace garters. Now don't ask me why as a high schooler we thought thigh garters were so adorable but we did and it showed. 

Moving forward to college I made sure to join organizations to that had larger events whether it was a conference or a celebration weekend. I even started my own nonprofit organization, Kedi's Kloset where I collected prom and party dresses to donate to high school girls in my local community. 


1950's Housewife Brunch Bridal Shower

I was so excited for one of my best friends when she announced her engagement. I knew I had to plan the perfect shower for her. I may be a little guilty with wanting to have this type of shower for myself but it just made me love planning this for her that much more because I loved the theme. Grab tips and photos on how to recreate your own 1950s housewife brunch bridal shower.

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