90s Pop Adult Sleepover

Welcome back to 90s....Does that feel like over 20 years ago?! I still may be living in the 90s...some of the best times and memories of my life. From the boy band battle between N*SYNC and Backstreet Boys...I was team BSB all the way, to the tasty fruit roll ups, Dunk-a-Roos (remember those?!) snacks and treats in the pantry for after school snacking. 

I missed those "old" ways and wanted to capture the fun the again and truly show my appreciation of the 90s era. This simple party theme would be perfect for a bachelorette party, bridal shower or just because it's Saturday and you need a movie marathon. 

1990s sleepover invitation

 Elan Heights located in the historic Heights district was the perfect spot to host the girls. The Houston skyline was a beautiful backdrop to the bedroom & living room areas.

Elan Heights Living Room
Elan Heights bedroom


If anyone knows me, I am bar cart crazy lady. I have an IMMENSE love of this signature piece of furniture and am completely guilty of using them for every event big or small. I may or may not own 5...but who's counting? Be on the lookout for my Signature Bar Cart series coming soon! One thing I love about having a cart is it being a "party on wheels". You can move the "party" anywhere in your home or even outdoors. It's also a great way to keep clean up to a minimum once your event is over.

Okay, enough of the chatter...I'm all for visuals. Scroll below for the gorgeous pictures by Stacy Anderson Photography

Location: Elan Heights Apartments

Invitation: Kristen Leigh Lettering + Design

Styling: Toast from the Host


1990s Sleepover Bar Cart
Lila Wines Rosé canned wine

Lila Wines Rosé canned wine

Getting a little thirsty? Create this perfectly pink drink below!


1 1/2 oz Gin
1 1/2 oz Orange Juice
1 1/2 oz Pineapple Juice
1 splash Lemon Lime Soda

Pour gin into glass and add equal parts orange juice and pineapple juice. Top up glass with Fresca.

I topped it with powder sugar donuts and Twirl Cotton Candy to make it my own personal #craftcocktail What do you want to top yours with?

90s Adult Sleepover

I challenge you to pay your childhood a visit and plan a sleepover adult style. I'd love to hear about it!