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5 Must Haves to Host a Simple, Elegant Baby Shower

I had the pleasure of co-hosting a dear friend of mine baby shower. It was actually a large group of ladies from our Houston Texan Cheerleader Days that gathered together to shower this Mama to Be. She is one of the few alumni that happens to be having a girl (Let the HTC legacy live on) and we are all so excited for her!

It was hosted at a home that was perfect for entertaining – open floor plan with a wrap around bar top and island to match. Plenty of countertop space to serve all the savory & sweet treats.

I am one that loves being extravagant but there is something so sweet about keeping things classy, simple and elegant. Timeless don’t you think?

Here are a few tips on recreating something similar…

The theme was a mixture of Winterforest (although it happened to be 70+ degrees that day…thanks Houston) and a pop of pastel color – blush for it being girl themed.

Create a space for the perfect photo op…keep it simple and open.

I created a white balloon garland to match the “winter” theme with all white balloons (let’s pretend it was snow) in various sizes (mostly 11inch & 17inch). Adding in a few pops of pearl pink balloons (9inch), they were blown up in various sizes to add to the variety.

Preorder & Pick Up Party Trays – lifesaver 101.

Sandwiches were picked up locally from Central Market. Save yourself the stress of event day prep by pre-ordering party trays. I suggest to re-plate them on your own china or display to give the illusion of handmade sandwiches. (Let’s be real…who has time these days?) Don’t forget to add garnishes to the display whether it’s cherry tomatoes, leafy greens or even a sprinkle of chopped parsley on top. Nothing wrong with a little “zhoosh”.

Set up multiple beverage stations.

We had three drink stops to satisfy even the pickiest of guest. From a hot cocoa bar to sparkling water with garnish to bottles of prosecco, there were plenty of drinks to go around. The ladies were able to serve themselves and not have to worry about waiting for a drink. No one is judging you for the second (or third) bottle of bubbly.

A few quick tips for the hot cocoa bar:

– grab a mix of syrups – I used Torani and added a pump for self service.

-toppings are a must! From chocolate spoons to marshmallows to wafers to peppermint sticks you never know how everyone likes their cocoa so create options.

-the crockpot keeps the cocoa hot but be sure to turn it on low so the chocolate doesn’t burn on the bottom

-rich homemade crockpot cocoa recipe is at the bottom…keep scrolling.

Flowers, flowers, flowers.

I can’t stress enough how much flowers…or some type of greenery adds the perfect touch to any and every event. Live greenery was infused in the balloon garland, used as a part of the hot cocoa bar tabletop and there were two vase displays filled with matching greenery and blush roses. The garland across the mantel provided another photo op…a girl loves options and angles.

Invite the right guest.

“Mama to be” was surrounded by women that had one thing (some more than others…but you get what I’m saying) in common – a sisterhood. Although we came from all walks of life and continue to head down our own paths, we were able to come together to celebrate and support her. It’s something beautiful to see women supporting women. Selecting the right guest for your event is imperative…make sure it’s someone that is your cheerleader! No negative vibes.

Grab some more party inspiration on Pinterest and be sure to pin this to your board for later!


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