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Peach Coco Frozen Summer Drink

I absolutely love peaches - I am a fan. Surprisingly I have developed a taste for coconut. Perhaps it reminds me of the beach and tropics especially now since COVID has left most if not all stuck at home.

I was on the hunt for a frozen peach drink and I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for so like most things, I created something for me.

I decided to record my process of recipe creation...won't you join me?

I have added the ingredient card below.... but wait, look how cute the background is! It was created by Shop Callie Danielle and it's a part of her monthly Happy Pack collection. Every month she releases awesome digitals for subscribers so if you want the cute stuff, get it!

I've also listed the instructions below if you opt to not watch the video ;-)


  1. Add champagne, peach nectar and frozen peaches in cup - blend thoroughly and set to the side (preferably freezer to maintain "slushiness").

  2. Add frozen raspberries, white rum and Creme of coconut in blender - blend thoroughly and set to the side.

  3. Take your glass of choice - I opted for both a white wine glass and a plastic stemless glass and rim with either corn syrup or coconut creme.

  4. Dip your glass in the sweetened coconut shavings.

  5. Pour half of your peach mixture into the base of the glass.

  6. Follow with the raspberry/coconut mixture - it will naturally begin to swirl.

  7. Add peaches as a garnish & top with some Peach Sangria cotton candy from Twirl Cotton Candy.

  8. Grab your glass straw and enjoy!

I knew this was going to be good but y' was SO good. Clearly by the end of the video I was a little shocked at how delish it was.

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