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Perfect Teacher Gift Ideas – What to get your child’s teacher.

It’s practically back to school time and I hear all my mom friends silently saying “thank goodness”. Although you can get back into your routine, there are so many things that needs to get done before – school supply shopping, summer reading, last minute family trips. I’m here to help spark some ideas on what to get your child’s teacher for the upcoming school year…I mean I did teach elementary school for a little while so I know what the discussion was at the “water cooler”. Just jokes…relax friends – as teachers, EVERY thoughtful gift was sincerely appreciated, that I know for certain.

Let’s get started:

Teachers need an afternoon pick me up and Twirl tubs are the PERFECT treat. With a wide range of flavors and even infused flavors – let your child’s teacher unwind on the weekend with some sweet twirls.

The cutest shirt ever…and so comfortable too! No need for them to think twice on what shirt to throw on on casual Fridays and possibly the weekend. Don’t know sizes? No worries – the cute art prints come in a mug version so snatch that up also! *Bonus – Teacher Essentials shirt is also available.

Item 3: Relaxation Basket

The perfect DIY basket includes a soothing candle, fuzzy socks, bath bomb and chocolate. After a week of wrangling a classroom zoo, let them unwind with this basket.

Your child will know their teacher’s favorite color…I guarantee you. It’s one of the many fun facts they store…it’s actually quite cute. Another fun and personalized gift is pick your color Crayola pack.

Teachers really don’t have enough time in the day – can’t guarantee multiple restroom breaks and lunch is rushed. Save them some time with the Grubhub gift card where they can place their order for a hot lunch and have it delivered. Not only can they order their fave meals, having it delivered is an A++.

Lee with Do Say Give had a wonderful idea for a gifting tree filled with positive affirmations and filled with one of teacher’s favorite things – gift cards. Check out her post here.

Another classroom must are pencils – but make it even more special with a personalized message by The Pencil Boutique. Teachers keep stashes of pencils in the cabinet but their favorite pencils they keep in the desk drawer – be those kind of pencils.

Item 8: Flair Pens By teacher popular demand Flair Pens are a staple in the classroom – add to your child’s teacher collection by picking up an extra large pack. I remember how much my students loved “borrowing” my pens to self check their own papers, needless to say, I’ve gone through my fair share.

Candles aren’t allowed in the classroom but a diffuser filled with lavendar scents (especially to calm down some of that energy) is a great alternative.

What are some of great gift ideas teachers have raved about? If you are a teacher, what will you add to the list?

Be sure to pin this graphic for your next inspiration – see you on Pinterest!


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