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The Best Rosé Cocktail Pouch

I love a refreshing beverage - most juices I am a fan of. I recently went into my stash to attempt to create an adult Capri Sun with ingredients I have in the fridge. I pre-made these and refrigerated until it was showtime for my backyard movie night. For an extra treat you can pop in the freezer to make it a little slushy which would be perfect when it starts to get hotter.

Don't forget that all the items needed can be purchased via my Amazon Storefront...I personally love these pouches and the reusable glass straws!

Here's a quick video of how to make it yourself and the recipe follows:


1/2 cup of fresh chopped strawberries

1 can of Rosé - I opted for Sway Rosé

2 tablespoons of sugar

3 ounces of Ketel One Vodka

2 ounces of Limeade juice OR Elderflower Lemon Flavor/Syrup

Dried Lemon, Lime or Orange and Chopped Strawberries as garnish


1. Blend your strawberries, sugar and vodka until smooth.

2. Pour your can of Rosé - shake or blend to thoroughly mix.

3. Add in your limeade juice or syrup

4. Taste and adjust as necessary

5. Pour into pouch with garnish and refrigerate or freeze for 1-2 hours to make a slush.


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