Toast & Twirl Workshop - Spring Soirée 2021

Video By ZLeeTV

The Spring Soirée Toast & Twirl Workshop - Spring Soirée was the perfect welcome back after a year of living through the pandemic. The evening was what we all needed in getting back into the swing of social things and it did not disappoint! This year's spring soiree was a nice introduction to get our creativity flowing and to "re-learn" the art of celebrations, parties and a girl's night out.

The event was hosted in the beautiful jewelry store, Burdlife. Natasha creates jewelry that is dainty, beautiful and unique,distinct pieces that is sure to catch your eye. She hosts PJ & Piercing parties (PJ being permanent jewelry) that is the perfect addition to your daily wardrobe. Your outfit is not complete without your Burdlife jewelry piece.

The ladies were welcomed to the indoor/outdoor event with Palace Party beverage company stationed at the door. Sarah, the owner of Palace Party created delicious cocktails/mocktails and

our signature frosé with the delicious Le Grand Courtâge Sparkling Rosé.

We know that drinks are a must for any memorable event regardless if it is a mocktail or cocktail. We also know that we eat and drink with our eyes first and a beautifully garnished drink enhances the entire experience.

Flowers, dried fruit, salts, sugars - the right combination compliments the flavors of each of the drink and not to mention the color is eye catching.