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3 Ingredient Dole Whip Dessert

I imagine when I finally take a dream trip to Hawaii that I will be greeted with a gorgeous lei and a huge dessert bowl of dole whip. I have actually never had it but have heard the people rave of how refreshingly fruity and sweet it is. I'm sold...trying to recreate this experience in my own kitchen with 3 ingredients is the dessert fix I didn't realize I needed.

What you will need:

Frozen Pineapple Chunks

Fresh Pressed/Squeeze Pineapple Juice

Vanilla ice cream (your dairy/nondairy choice)


Not that you need a step by step process buuuuttt....

Step one: Place 1 cup of your FROZEN pineapple chunks into a blender. I personally used our handheld blender because I haven't clicked the add to cart button on the Ninja blender (currently dreaming of all the delicious frozen drinks I can make with it).

Step two: Add 1cup of vanilla ice cream to the pineapple chunks.

Step three: Pour 1/4 cup of fresh pineapple juice. Be sure to not add too much as the liquid is used to encourage the blend process.

Step four: Blend until contents become smooth but not too fluid. It should be the consistency of a thick smoothie.

Step five: Serve it up and enjoy!

Check out the video below on the EXTRA SIMPLE process of how I created the 3 step Dole Whip.

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