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Houston's boutique event planning & styling company, Toast from the Host turns your life events into lasting memories. Attention to detail is our specialty - Let's mix, mingle and make memories!




Toast from the Host "presents" Wrap Up In Style

Lauren Bazunu

Wrap Up In Style

Time to "WRAP" up the year with our last social event of the year! We love being able to gather together, socialize and craft and this is no different. Join us for an afternoon wrapping up your gifts with some fun. colorful, designed paper and accessories. 

This event is totally free and all activities are open to those that RSVP (limited spots available) on December 2nd from 1pm-3pm at Elan Heights.

Sips provided by Toast from the Host

Sweets by Heritage Macarons

Visit the shop to RSVP!

BubblesxBoos - Halloween Blogger Crawl

Lauren Bazunu

As October comes to an end, it seems fitting to finish off the month on Halloween day. What fun do you have planned for the evening? A special spooky dish? How about something "boo"zy..wink wink...I do that a lot.  In honor of the fall season, I hosted a social event called "Bubbles and Boos - a Halloween Blogger Crawl".

Bubbles and Boos

Bubbles and Boos

Bubbles and Boos

Bubbles and Boos

Bubbles and Boos

Bubbles and Boos


The afternoon was being held at the lovely City Centre Houston at the intersection of I-10 and the Beltway. We had the pleasure of working with some phenomenal brands for the afternoon stroll including West Elm City Centre, Sephora, Sur La Table & Charming Charlie City Centre.

We started the afternoon at West Elm, the perfect spot to be inspired to update your home space for the holiday season. From fun new fur throw rugs to barware decor elements, this space was the perfect place to get comfortable and take photos! 

Bubbles and Boos

Ladies were able to nibble on some light bites courtesy of Eddie V's & Toast from the Host. Can we just take a moment of silence for their crab cakes? Good "lawd" those crab cakes...go and see what the fuss is all about. 

After kicking off the mixing and mingling at the first stop, the ladies strolled over to Sephora for a Halloween makeup demo. These ladies were experts in crafting a fabulous Halloween makeup look.  The ladies received a swag bag filled with  Sephora Collection False Lashes in #03 Astonish, an Uncomplicated Brush Set, and Flash Jumbo Lip Pencil. They were ready to try their hands at the perfect "Boo"tiful look. 

From Sephora the ladies headed to Charming Charlie were more bubbles and light bites were waiting on them. They received a special discount coupon to shop for their Halloween accessories. They have a great selection of themed jewelry, bags, accessories and gift items. It'd be a struggle to leave the store without making a purchase.

The ladies wrapped up the crawl event at a food lover's dream - Sur La Table. They designed a mini Halloween cookie like a pro. Who knew all the details that goes into these spooky cookies? Scary and delicious!

Special and sincerest thanks to all those involved for putting on a Halloween themed event! Stay tuned for the next #ToastHostEvents.

All Photos captured by

"Fall-i-Pops" - A Fall Drink Stir Stick Recipe

Lauren Bazunu

The name gives it away doesn't it? A fall inspired lollipop that actually is a stir stick. I knew this would be the perfect addition to my fall tablescape especially with the hot cider drinks finally floating around. 


Enough chatter, I highly encourage you to DIY with this cute/fun recipe to upgrade your fall festivities.

"Fall-i-Pop" Recipe

Ingredients/Items Needed:  

3 cups sugar

3/4 cup water

1/2 cup corn syrup

2 teaspoons cinnamon Flavoring (or preferred flavor)

Gel food colorings, cinnamon, gold flakes

Lollipop sticks

 Lollipop Molds


Lightly spray (with olive oil) your cleaned lollipop molds and wipe to create a very light coating inside the container.

Pour the sugar, water, & corn syrup in a saucepan over high heat.

Stir until the mixture comes to a boil. Be careful as it is VERY HOT.

You'll need to place a candy thermometer on the side of the saucepan being sure the tip does not touch the bottom of the pan.

Make sure the mixture boils until the temperature reaches "Hard Crack" (295F-309F degrees)

After reaching the desired temperature, drop 1-2 teaspoons of desired flavoring (I used 2) to the mixture.

You'll need to move quickly after allowing the temperature to cool slightly (approximately 25-30 degrees) and pour the mixture into the molds.

Using your selected gel colors, dip a lollipop stick into the color and swirl your design into the sugar mixture inside the mold. 

At this time, I like to add some cinnamon, gold flakes, colored sugar, anything that will begin to make the pop "pretty". The gold flakes and cinnamon really upgraded the look.

After setting the stick into the mold, allow the mold to cool (speed up the process by placing in the fridge) for about 1-2hours (make sure the candy is hard).

When ready to serve, pop out the pops (pun intended) and place on a display stand or as a topper to a drink. 

If you look closely, the gold flakes will begin to melt into the mixture and leave a shimmery effect in your glass. Talk about tasty and pretty!

Fallipop Recipe

I hope you all try your hand at this fun DIY recipe to upgrade your hot beverages. Share your pictures with me if you decide to try (please do!). 

How to Style the Perfect Fall Tablescape

Lauren Bazunu

Hi Friends! It's been a while and the seasons have changed (thank God!) and I'm so ready for the cooler months...or the slightly less humid months if you're in Texas. Growing up, I didn't care too much about all the "hoopla" about fall but as I get older, it is definitely starting to grow on me. The cozy textures and colors, savory & sweet menus....wardrobe change (hey knee high boots), I am all for it. One of my favorite things to plan for is kicking off the seasons changing with a seasonal tablescape.

I've always been a fan and doer of grazing tables (more about that coming soon) and figured a fall grazing table would be the perfect and non fussy way to transition & celebrate the cooler temperatures.

Fall Tablescape

Fall Tablescape

Knowing that I wanted to capture this mini event, I recruited my friend and fellow hostess, Stacy with Hurried Hostess to join and luckily for me, she's always in. Another sweet element was Mariah with Heritage Macarons that added the feminine & delicate factor to our mini boards with her stunning macarons.

Heritage Macarons

Heritage Macarons

Oh and yes, those are mini roses on the macs...I'd go crosseyed even attempting to create something that delicate and small. They are just as beautiful as they look!

Here are a few style tips, suggestions...what my teacher friends would say, "use it or lose it" on how to bring in the fall season.


One of the keys to being a great hostess is incorporating all the of my favorites being smell. Whether it is the scent of a pumpkin spice candle or the buttery garlic fumes wafting in the air from plated food, tease your guests with scent. They will begin to enjoy the feast and relax even before grabbing a drink or taking a bite.

Bourbon Beef Skewers

Bourbon Beef Skewers

Brie Puff Pastry Preserve

Brie Puff Pastry Preserve

Mini Apple Pies

Mini Apple Pies

Speaking of bites...what's a party without delicious food? From the sweet to the savory, a great mix is required. One of my favorite appetizers is the Brie Pastry...who else loves baked brie cheese, mixed berry preserve, and buttery flaky pastry. We can't be friends if you don't find this delicious. Use this simple recipe next time you are in a time crunch and need something quick and delicious to serve.

Appetizer - Baked Brie Pastry

Ingredients: H-E-B Brie Double Cremé cheese (1 8oz. round), Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry, Mixed Berry or whatever fruit preserve you like

Directions: Preheat oven according to instructions on Puff Pastry box (typically 375 - 400 degrees) 

Unwrap (room temperature) pastry sheets from plastic and separate the shapes using the perforated lines onto an greased cookie sheet. I like to spray very lightly cooking oil before placing anything on the pan

(*Optional) Brush pastry cups with a simple egg wash to encourage the golden flaky color

Bake cups for 12-15 minutes or until fully cooked (should mimic the look of a cylinder) or golden brown.

While still cooling, place a "dollop" of your preserve in the base of each pastry cup.

Slice cubes of your Double Cremé Brie Cheese and allow it to sit on top of the preserve base in the pastry cup. 

*Optional - Once complete, placing the cups back into a warm oven to allow the cheese and preserve to melt and mix is priceless!

After allowing both the preserve and cheese to "marinate" together, I topped with dried cranberries. Any fresh fruit to match your preserve base will do.

I promise you this will be a hit and all gone before you know're welcome but don't blame me for your addiction.

Sparkling Cider Spritz

Sparkling Cider Spritz

Another noteworthy party element are the sips. I love a good, fruity, over the top cocktail and my love of bubbles in my beverage has no limit. Try the recipe for the Sparkling Cider Spritz below. Can be created as a cocktail and mocktail to fit any occasion but perfect as a signature drink for a fall wedding, adult pumpkin patch party, tailgating event..or anything fall related.

Sparkling Cider Spritz

Ingredients: 1 bottle of Martinelli's Sparkling Cider, 1-2 Crisp Harvest Apples (sliced as garnish), Pinch of Cinnamon, 18.5 oz of Pure Leaf Sweet Tea, 2 cups of Musselman's Fresh Pressed Apple Cider , 1 Large Twirl Tub of Caramel Apple cotton candy

*Optional* Trade out the Sparkling Cider for La Marca Prosecco & add 1/2 cup of Disaronno  and remove the sweet tea.

Instructions: Mix all liquid ingredients (apply correct substitutes if making a cocktail or mocktail) in a glass pitcher. Stir until all items are mixed. Pour mixture into a fun mule mug, copper jar or mason jar. Garnish with cotton candy and a pinch of cinnamon. Enjoy! 


I hope you received some helpful inspiration that will encourage you to host your own fall event. The recipes alone will be the talk of the party. In the meantime, let's have some picture over load shall we?