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Bourbon Orange Cocktail/Mocktail -Thirsty Thursday

Enjoying the holidays with a delicious crafted cocktail/mocktail is a must. This month I am sharing a delicious (and seasonal) cocktail/mocktail sponsored by H-E-B.

Y'all should know by now our Texas pride is STRONG and our love for H-E-B is just as strong. I was able to tap into my creative skills and play mixologist for the holidays. Every Thursday of this month, I'll be bringing you a holiday cocktail/mocktail that is EASY to recreate.

I even created a downloadable file with the ingredients and recipe (two versions) just for you!


Bourbon Orange Cocktail CocktailMocktail - Toast from the Host
Download PDF • 3.26MB

Wait...don't go just yet...let's take a moment and admire these photos. I guarantee you, you will want to play bartender for happy hour at home with these cocktail/mocktails.

Fresh ingredients are a must! I was able to try a new (perhaps seasonal) red blend wine aged in bourbon whiskey barrels. This was the perfect selection to give a Old Fashion cocktail nod without using liquor.

I love the stemless glasses - large enough to double your cocktail/mocktail but also sturdy and a classic look to add to your wet bar collection.


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