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Sopapilla Shooters - Thirsty Thursday

Twas the night before Christmas and everyone was taking shots...okay that's not how the story goes but I like this version better anyway. These Sopapilla Shooters are packed with flavor and should be a Christmas tradition from here on out.

This shooter can be served hot or cold but it's delicious both ways. Using H-E-B Limited Edition Creamy Creations Honey Sopapilla Ice cream is the perfect base. Check out the recipe for both ways below....

A lot of Texas traditions are filled with homemade tortillas and this is a nod to the tradition. Whip up these cinnamon sugar tortilla and use as a delicious garnish for your drink.

Enjoy the photos below to get you into the festive mood...don't forget to add to your PINTEREST and follow Toast from the Host over there as well for more colorful party inspiration.

Check out the recipe video below...


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