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Candy Cane Float - Thirsty Thursday

The weather outside in Houston is still warm...even in mid December and this cool Candy Cane Float seems to be the perfect remedy. Do ya'll want cold/ice cream drinks even when it's chilly outside...or just me? Doesn't matter the weather - I will not turn down delicious ice cream and when you can turn it into a drink, sign me up for two!

I love having the opportunity to shop at H-E-B and check out their seasonal items. I found they have limited edition holiday flavors like the Candy Cane ice cream and I politely grabbed a pint (or two) and placed it in my basket...research purposes you know.

After browsing the beer and wine aisle, I found they have a seasonal Christmas Moscato I thought would be a perfect mix between these two flavors. Moscato being a sweet, almost dessert like sparkling wine adds the bubbles and fizz to the smooth, sweet, pepperminty ice cream. Combine the two and you are FLOATing in flavor paradise. Keeping it mocktail and grab a liter of H-E-B Original Cola to make an original Float but with a little *candy cane* spice.

I have linked the recipe below for your mixology pleasure so be sure to download.

Candy Cane Cocktail CocktailMocktail - Toast from the Host
Download PDF • 2.79MB

Most - let's get into it!

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