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Simple Floral Arrangement DIY

I. LOVE. FLOWERS. and I love beautiful candle the volcano candles. I have a nice collection of these because I have a very real obsession with this scent. If you're looking for something classic - the white candle is that. For something a little more vibrant the watercolor is a perfect match. So grab your favorite candle and get ready to repurpose it.

So first collect your supplies: Fresh Flowers, Candle Container, Floral Scissors

Before you begin trimming the flowers, be sure your water is prepared with flower food and dissolved thoroughly.

Pluck the withered petals from the outer portion of the flower. Over time your flower will "open" up.

Trim all the leaves from the flowers - You do not want to leave any leaves in the water/below the water line.

I like to rub the stem quickly in my palm back and forth to cause the petals to gradually fluff. I may go in and do a little extra fluffing to open up the flowers a little more.

Now place your mini arrangement in a place where you can admire on the daily.

Check out the video below on how I put mine together...

I would love to see your simple arrangements so tag me in yours. Save the image below to your Pinterest board and be sure to follow me over there as well!

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