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How to create a Cookie Jar Bar with Pepperidge Farm®

This post is sponsored by Pepperidge Farm®, but all opinions are my own.

We are a sweets household and Pepperidge Farm® has been a staple in our home for as long as I can remember. Getting my favorite cookies as a treat was something I always looked forward to as a child...not to mention I am food motivated and it encouraged me to go above and beyond with my chores.

Now as an adult, I treat myself to Pepperidge Farm® cookies as a nod to my childhood but also having comfort in knowing they are still the same, delicious cookie I have always remembered.

They recently came out with a brand new nut flavor, Butter Pecan, and I was intrigued. I picked up a five bags because....research! I already knew how fast my other cookies disappear so I had to get multiple just in case.

After trying one, I was so pleased with how RICH, BUTTERY, VANILLA -y...just plain DELICIOUS these cookies were. They are made with real vanilla, real eggs, and don't have any artificial flavors or preservatives. I decided to be a good host and share my cookie stash with the rest of the house so I created a Cookie Jar Bar station for the countertop.

Using a 2 gallon glass jar, I arranged the bottom layer of these delicious cookies in a round pattern, stacking and layering them on top of each other. It worked perfectly because they were thin and flat.

Next, I began lining the cookies following the perimeter of the jar. Good thing I bought 5 bags because I one bag was already empty....again, for research purposes. One jar down, one more to go!

After filling your glass jars with the cookies, add a ribbon for some color and tongs to serve. But if you're anything like me, I'm diving in hands first to grab a cookie.

Overall, using the Pepperidge Farm® Thin & Crispy Butter Pecan cookies were the perfect addition for my countertop cookie jar bar. They looked beautiful and tasted even better. Next time you have guests over or maybe just want to treat yourself, I highly suggest recreating this simple DIY to truly enjoy your next snack time. They are available for online pickup & delivery at Walmart.

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