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3 Step Herb Dip Recipe

You must be reading this post because you love bread....welcome to the club! From what I gather, there are a lot of bread lovers out here and not all bread, butter and dipping sauce is created equally. I decided to recreate a VERY SIMPLE and customizable herb blend to enjoy with my baked baguette bread.

These are the kind of recipes I love! Super simple, easy to recreate, you probably have all the ingredients in your pantry and it never gets old because you can revamp the flavors.

Check out the video below for the step by step tutorial.

Here are the herb and spices I used in the recipe:

1 teaspoon of each

- Garlic Powder

- Red Pepper Flakes

- Italian Seasoning

- Thyme

- Parmesan Cheese

- Fresh Basil (from my herb garden)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - I chose a fruity blend.

I am quite obsessed with the gold spout bottle as these are not only functional but pretty as well.

Here is an amazon shop list of all/similar items for you to recreate your own dipping station.


Mix all of your herbs/spices and pour olive oil on top - you can allow it to rest so the flavor can blend or dive in immediately.

Be sure to save the posters below to your PINTEREST as a reminder.


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