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4 ways to Upgrade your Hot Chocolate

I absolutely LOVE hot chocolate...I think I just have a thing for chocolate in general, can you blame me? Now since it's the "season" (let's be real...anytime is the season) for some hot cocoa I compiled a few of my favorite ways to Upgrade a cup of Hot Chocolate.

Add a simple flavored syrup like Torani Vanilla, Peppermint, Hazelnut or Caramel. I personally have a pretty nice selection of syrups to add to brewed teas, milkshakes, Italian sodas...almost everything.

Second way to upgrade your drink is to add a brownie pop. I love the way your beverage takes on a stronger chocolate flavor with the pop. Yea, it will soften and eventually break up the pop but it's just another excuse to get a second pop because your first one melted.

Third way to upgrade is to add ice cream - hot and cold...yes! It gets even better when you opt for varieties of ice cream like butter pecan, moose tracks, ice cream cone and brownie bites. Allow it to slowly melt and slurp it up like this is your last drink ever. You will be're welcome.

Fourth way to upgrade your hot cocoa is of course toppings - from cinnamon, to marshmallows to peppermint sticks, I'm not too sure what doesn't taste delicious with chocolate. Dunk your cookies, macs and even gingerbread!

Here are my favorite tools on recreating this cocoa bar with some options!

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What are your favorite ways on upgrading your hot cocoa? Save the image below on your Pinterest so you can recreate at home!


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