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A “BOO”ze Bar & Candy Cart – Halloween Edition

I bet you can guess what one of my FAVORITE pieces to have in the home is. BAR ::clap:: CARTS ::clap:: Yes, I needed the dramatic clapping. I had the pleasure to join Houston Life TV, Houston’s lifestyle show and display two wonderful options on how to decorate your bar cart for Halloween.

I have linked some of my favorite bar carts you can pick up to recreate this look.

Now to the cocktails! I made two spooky cocktails for the perfect Halloween night. Both can be edited to include a mocktail version that is just as tasty.

First cocktail is the Blood Orange Rum Punch. I found this recipe on Heather Christo and decided to recreate it with a few changes.

Ingredients: 1 12oz bottle Black Cherry Jones Soda (only use to top off soda), 2 oz. Bacardi Gold Rum, 2 oz. Blood Orange Italian Soda, 2 oz. Orange Juice, 1/4 cup lime juice, (sliced) blood orange & blackberry (for garnish).

Combine all ingredients in an iced punch bowl. Be sure to mix gently. Once combined, serve in untraditional glassware for a fun party effect. I chose Coupe glasses and garnished with a blackberry (brain) & blood orange slice. SO tasty!

Next cocktail was the Poison Apple Cocktail. This may have been a crowd favorite because of the dry ice…I can’t blame them, science is pretty cool!

Ingredients included 2 oz of Apple Schnapps, 2 oz of Apple Vodka, 1 teaspoon of Lime Juice, 1 12oz bottle of Jones Green Apple Soda (use to top off drink for bubbles) a pinch of luster dust and dry ice shavings.

Combine schnapps, vodka, lime juice with a pinch of luster dust in a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour mixture into a Erlenmeyer flask and top with Green Apple Soda.

Being VERY CAREFUL (use tongs – do NOT handle dry ice with bare hands) and drop dry ice shavings into the flask. Watch the magic happen! Use a straw to drink but be careful to not eat/chew the dry ice. It will eventually bubble out after 3-5 minutes.

Another way to decorate your cart is with candy. Perhaps you can place it as a candy station at your Halloween party or by the front door when Trick or Treaters arrive.

I used a selection of different chocolates, gummy candies, cotton candy (aka cobwebs) and more Jones Soda (Halloween edition).

Use different size jars, vases and containers to store your candy and don’t forget the tongs & mini treat bags. Create your own candy store on your cart and get your sweet tooth fix!

Be sure to pin this to your Pinterest board as a reminder on how you can create your own BOOzey drink cart & Halloween Candy cart. For more Pinspiration, visit my board here.


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