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Celebrating National Cereal Day with Twirl Cotton Candy

By now you should know there is a holiday for everything so National Cereal day should be no surprise. Growing up I had the honor to select my own cereal meaning I got to choose the colorful box of morning munchies. From Frosted Flakes to Cocoa Pebbles to Captain Crunch we had a wide range of options for our morning rituals.

I personally was always a fan of Cocoa Pebbles because it turned my milk into CHOCOLATE MILK. (another childhood obsession of mine) As I transitioned (aka grew up) into adulthood I realized every once in a while I would crave one of those colorful and flavorful bowls of cereal. In came my idea to top off my bowl with a Twirl Cotton Candy Twirltopper. What is that you may ask? It is the perfect amount of cotton candy to use as a garnish for most meals and drinks. I’ve used it in iced coffee, margaritas, on top of waffles, with popcorn – you name it, I’ve tried it. I knew having it in my cereal would probably be a good idea and spoiler alert, it was!

Try adding in strawberry twirl toppers to your next bowl of Lucky Charms – enjoy the way your milk (regular or almond) melts the puff and your cereal becomes strawberry milk or lime milk or raspberry milk. The options are endless and I’m sure this would be a fun treat for your little one if you’re celebrating their birthday. Wake them up with a bowl of their favorite cereal and top it off with their favorite flavor of cotton candy. Give them the honors of pouring the milk over top and watch the science reaction happen. I guarantee they will exclaim when their cereal turns spiderman blue or princess pink.

I won’t judge if you have to test it out for yourself first just to make sure it’s safe for the kids (wink wink). How about maple cotton candy on top of your Honey Bunches of Oats or Cheerios. What’s your favorite cereal? Perhaps Twirl Cotton Candy can create a perfect Twirl Topper to match!

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