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Champagne Jello Dessert Bites

Incorporating the flavors from the garden into a dessert could have been more of a challenge but I opted to outsource some edible (and colorful) tea mix as the perfect topping for these Garden party champagne jello shots. Here is the simple recipe for you to recreate:


Flavorless gelatin - 4 packets

1 cup of Champagne - I used Le Grand Courtage

1 cup of Passionfruit Juice

Edible Herbal Tea as garnish

1. Boil one cup of passionfruit juice and stir in all 4 packets of flavorless gelatin.

2. Slowly add 1 cup of chilled champagne.

3. Mix to ensure both the juice and champagne have thoroughly combined.

4. Pour into a mold of your choice. I opted for mini cupcake tin. Be sure to spray a little cooking spray in the bottom of each container to help pop the contents out later.

5. Garnish with either fruits or edible herbs.

6. Allow to set (in refrigerator) for 2- 3 hours

7. Once set, remove from the tin and plate - serve chilled!

8. Enjoy!

Use the flyers below to save to your PINTEREST board. For more fun and colorful party ideas be sure to follow me over there!

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