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“Derby Thirty” – Milestone Birthday Party

Kentucky Derby is right around the corner – same day as Cinco de Mayo so of course it’s a double up on festivities, but lets focus on the Derby. Typically milestone birthdays are full of excitement or dread whether it is your Sweet 16, Finally Legal 18, Adult Life 21, Dirty 30, Over the Hill 40/50 and so on…

The idea of celebrating your birthday based on national themed holidays is a perfect 2 for 1. Hence celebrating your “DERBY THIRTY”. How fun! Check out how I recreated a Derby/Polo themed 30th birthday party…how are you going to celebrate yours or perhaps how did you celebrate your 30th?

 Derby Thirty Invitation by Ashlynn Elliff

Derby Thirty Invitation by Ashlynn Elliff

Every great event starts with a great invitation. The lovely custom invite by Ashlynn Elliff is the perfect anticipation builder for a fun, colorful and classy event. I absolutely love the detailed hats and soft colors!

 Derby Thirty Invitation by Ashlynn Elliff

Derby Thirty Invitation by Ashlynn Elliff

The outdoor event would not be complete with out the perfect tablescape including tasty finger foods from savory to sweet. I will be posting the link to this delicious and colorful italian pasta salad and easy double beef sliders. I think we were all addicted to the Hurried Hostess chocolate chip cookies (recipe here).

The silver flatters and white plates were simple enough to allow the rich green linens and vibrant pink napkins by On Cloud 9 Event Rentals pop. Everything was complimented by Monica’s Brides & Touch of Glitz Flowers.

 Derby Thirty Tablescape by Toast from the Host

Derby Thirty Tablescape by Toast from the Host

 Derby Thirty Tablescape

Derby Thirty Tablescape

I’m always a proponent of color and wherever I can infuse it, trust me it will be done! From the food to the linens there will always be a pop – always have your eyes feast in addition to your tastebuds.

Speaking of color, Haili Pue with All Ze Details is the most adorable stylist who has the fashion eye. She not only envisioned the perfect outfits but brought them to life. Definitely felt like we were a mix of Sex and the City and Gossip Girl cast….divas! I swear I need her to revamp my closet since yesterday.

If you haven’t caught on, I have a thing for “Toasting” and knew that I had to have a champagne tower to TOAST to Derby Thirty. Thinking this may be a signature for all my future styling events and socials.

 Derby Thirty - Champagne Tower

Derby Thirty – Champagne Tower

 Derby Thirty

Derby Thirty

I love being able to DIY things that otherwise would cost a fortune, one being this two tier buttercream cake. Here are a few simple tips on how to “zhoosh” up a store-bought cake.

DIY Cake Styling Tips

1. Visit your local grocer and request at least a 3 tier plain cake – typically they can whip one up in 15 minutes or less. I requested vanilla cake with white buttercream icing. Should be less than $10

2. Take leftover florals and decorate the cake platter to give your cake a vibrant look. No worries about trimming the cake with icing, that’s what the flowers are for. Be careful which florals you use as you don’t want to contaminate with non edible flowers.

 Derby Thirty DIY Cake

Derby Thirty DIY Cake

3. Visit your local baker’s store and pick up one or two sheets of edible gold leaf. Be warned – prepare this in a protected and covered area, with one gust of air your gold leaf can float away – take this as a lesson learned. Brush the gold leaf around the cake with a flat sponge to help smooth the flakes around the cake. Unorganized and without pattern is the way to go.

4. You can always use sprinkles or perhaps cookie crumbs to garnish around the cake if flowers aren’t available. Less is always more but adding color is the best!

Hope you have some inspiration for your next milestone birthday and if you decide to recreate your Derby Thirty birthday, I’d love to see!

Also, if you are in the Houston area and have never been to the Houston Polo Club, I urge you to go. As the largest polo club in the US and World (per players) the Houston Polo Club is the perfect way to wrap a weekend with a Sunday evening match. Here are a few tips to help you understand this prestigious game.

Special thanks to all those involved in this special milestone day! If you are in the area and would like to visit the Houston Polo Club for a match, use my promo code: BOGOPOLO for a discount for the Red Oak Lawn tickets. Only available for a limited time! Hope to see you there!

Location: Houston Polo Club

Photography: Shawna Jones Photography

Outfit Styling: All Ze Details

Bruschetta & Cookies: Hurried Hostess

Macarons: Heritage Macarons

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