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Easy Fruity Summer Popsicles DIY

Summer is in full swing and the heat is taking no prisoners. I have had my share of fun popsicle DIYs but this recent one was the talk of my best friend Kourtnie’s baby shower.

I love simple, colorful and tasty and this popsicle is all three. A friend of mine, Michelle with Elle Talk has a recipe on her blog for patriotic boozy popsicles and that is next on my to do list!

My popsicle vibe from last year was this boozy “pop”tail but I love how Michelle had her boozy popsicles in a pouch…I had to try it!


This concoction isn’t anything new but it seemed so fitting and hit the spot for the hot afternoon.

I like to call these Fresh Fruit Summer Popsicles. Your kids (and adults) will love this treat and this may be a fun activity for them to participate in also.

Ingredients: Lemonade (I love the fresh pressed juice at HEB) but I ended up getting the next best thing…Simply Lemonade, fresh fruit that you can slice – I selected raspberries and blueberries, fresh mint leaves, popsicle pouch + funnel

I had a hard time deciding which pouch pack to purchase on Amazon so I selected the one with the cutest photo. Am I the only one that does that?

Absolutely love that it comes with a collapsible funnel to assist with filling it with liquids. That’s a win in my book. The only minor issue I ran into was fitting the fresh fruit in the pouch. Make sure you slice your fruit or fold your herbs to slide it into the pouch.

After placing the fruit and mint in the pouch, I used the liquid to push it down halfway. Followed by another round of fruit. Be careful to not overfill because you will have a mess attempting to close the pouch.

After filling, be sure to freeze these popsicles flat as to not have creases and bends. You want them as hard as possible for when you display them in an ice bucket. Easy to grab, go and enjoy!

Are you interested in trying your hand at making your own pops? Perhaps making sherbet pops and filling with sherbet or ice cream or yogurt and fresh fruit? There are so many different ways to make a simple sweet treat for your next event.

These were A HIT at the baby shower and will definitely be making these a staple for summer events. Be sure to save the image below to your Pinterest board and follow me over there. I’d love to follow you and see what you are pinning!


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