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Floating into Summer Kick Off Party

Since summer is in full swing that means, fruit, floats and fun galore! This is the time in which I wish I had a pool just so I can have a pool party shindig every weekend. It doesn’t always have to be extravagant but using a bar cart (what else would you think I would suggest?) is the perfect mobile set up for a pool party.

Here are a few tips (and links) on how to recreate the bar cart for your own quick pool party set up. Float selection included.

Tip 1: Always have a variety of pool floats (duh!)

Tip 2: A collapsible bar cart is the perfect party furniture. Move it around for different set ups.

Grab a collapsible serving tray here or here.

Tip 3: Create a signature smoothie and garnish it with fresh fruit. Kick it up a notch with how you serve it by using pineapple cups.

Download the smoothie recipe here.

Tip 4: Have additional games for the crowd to play whether in the pool or out.

I love volleyball and this pool volleyball game doesn’t disappoint. I’m not a beer pong fan put if you filled the cups up with mimosas then I’m all in.

Last but not least, grab your girls and have a good fun in the sun day!

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