GameDay Guarantees – Crowd Pleasing Appetizers

I love an easy appetizer and these four recipes are super easy and quick to whip up for any crowd. Check them out below…

I knew you spotted the sliders….I found the recipe on the official King’s Hawaiian Rolls website. Follow the link here to indulge in these AMAZING and GUARANTEED crowdpleaser. Come back though…I’ve got more tips below.

Ham & Cheese Sliders

Another easy recipe to whip up are “pigskins” in a blanket.

Pigskin in a Blanket

Grab a can of mini croissant rolls and unroll. I cut the perforated dough into smaller triangles to be the perfect size for the mini sausage links. You can keep them plain by wrapping the links with the crescent dough or spice it up a bit with red pepper jelly in the middle or hot sauce.

Pigskin in a Blanket

I love a good dipping sauce and a spicy dijon mustard is the perfect accompaniment to the pigskins. Grab any dijon mustard and spice it up with garlic powder, paprika, red pepper flakes and mix together and enjoy.

I must say this southwestern spicy flatbread was gone the moment I pulled it out of the oven. Pressed for time, check below for the semi homemade recipe…

Southwestern Flatbread

Pick up a meat lovers pizza from your local grocer. I picked up Walmart’s Marketside pizza (meat lovers). I made my way through the produce and grabbed cherry tomatoes, shredded cheese mix, bell peppers, chopped onions. Honestly, it comes down to what your taste buds are craving…add chicken pieces, bacon bits, pineapples…there’s no wrong way. Before placing the pizza in the oven (12-15 minutes) top away!


Last GameDay Winner is what I like to call a “PUNT”ch bowl drink…get it? Cheesy of course but it’s sure to please.

“Punt”ch Bowl

Start by boiling 6 cups of water with 2 large tea bags. Add 1 cup of Peach Juice to the Hot Tea and sweeten (to taste) with sugar. I typically use 1/4 cup of sugar, don’t want to over sweeten with the peach juice. If this is an adult only party, I suggest adding Deep Eddy Vodka in sweet tea to kick it up a notch.

For a fun garnish, create an ice mold out of a bundt cake. I added peaches and lemon slices and 6 ounces of sweet tea vodka and freezes overnight. The great thing is when it begins to melt, it infuses the punch with even more flavor. It gets better (and stronger) as the party goes on.

“Punt”ch Bowl

What are some of your popular party appetizers? How do you take a regular recipe and kick it up a notch? Share your tips in the comments, I’d love to know!

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