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How to Create a Mimosa Bar with Juice Cubes

I wonder what brought you in to this blog post? Was it the word “mimosa”…yea me too! I love a good brunch cocktail and I do have a (slight) obsession with fresh juices. Imagine the perfect cocktail to sip on while munching on your delicious and savory brunch spread. I could do that every weekend!

I always suggest having a bar cart handy so you can wheel your drink station wherever you need it but a buffet, island or bar stand all works just as well!

Tip 1

I love festive glassware and I picked up these extra large flutes at my local Homegoods. Such a dangerous place for a person like me…but I am there for the danger, haha!

Here are some similar flutes that would be a perfect addition to your glassware collection: Square, Modern Flutes, Celebratory flutes or Large Glasses

Tip 2

Grab the extra large ice cube trays – I always opt for the square cube silicone trays. Super easy to pop out single cubes for each drink. My next purchase will be the sphere cube trays because how fun is it to have a cocktail with a sphere ice garnish?! I found a combo here that comes with a square and sphere molds.

Tip 3

I am a stickler for FRESH PRESSED juice…blame HEB. Their fresh juice can be found in the produce section and it is the BEST JUICE I HAVE EVER HAD. They may be pricey but you pay for the convenience of not having to squeeze and press yourself. My favorite juices to pick are orange, lemonade with Texas honey and Strawberry Lemonade….and Limeade…and Grapefruit…

Okay so I basically named almost every juice they offer but any of their juices will be the perfect addition to your morning beverage selection.

My other FAVORITE JUICE OF ALL TIME happens to be by Welch’s. I mean who doesn’t love Welch’s juice?! (my fruit snack obsession is another story…I keep two packs in my bag at.all.times). Grab a carton of Passionfruit Juice…I had to swallow right now because I salivated just saying the name.

Whatever juices you select, I like to fill at least six cubes with your juice. Be sure to refrigerate overnight to ensure it is hardened all the way through.

Tip 4

Last but not least, select the right type of bubbles. If you are going the mocktail route, it is without a question to grab a Welch’s Sparkling Juice. To enhance the flavors of the juice, I stick with the White Grape Juice but to create your own Mock-coction select one of their other sparkling juice flavors.

If you are the hunt for a sparkling white wine or rosé, I grab a bottle of Le Grand Courtage for the morning burst of bubbles.

Optional: I personally love to garnish with fresh fruit to add more color and flavor so don’t be shy.

I’d love to see how you recreate your own Mimosa Bar with Juice Cubes! Be sure to save to your Pinterest


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