How to make a Chocolate & Vanilla Bark Cake

I got the baking itch not too long ago and decided that day was the day to bake a cake. I had zero materials and not too much time but I was determined to create something visually pleasing and just as delicious. After searching pinterest I stumbled upon “The Cake Girls” website and their tutorial on how to make bark. It looked beautiful and I already had a love of the look birch wood…so here we are.

I grabbed a two cake boxes, (yes…boxed cake) one chocolate, one vanilla and decided to “doctor it up” with some ways to make it more sweet and feel homemade. Think semi-homemade on steroids.

Following the cake box directions, I substituted the water for heavy cream (yes all 1 1/4 cups). It gives it a richer flavor. Also used butter instead of vegetable oil because everything is better with butter. Lastly, I added 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract to bring out more of the flavor.

For the chocolate cake I added 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder (always use the good stuff) rather than vanilla extract to accentuate the chocolate flavor.

This yielded 4 cakes in 8 inch pans. I aim to please with a 4 layer cake….what nonprofessional baker does that? (raises hand)

While the cakes were cooling, I began working on the bark. Following the directions from The Cake Girls, I melted milk chocolate and white chocolate wafers in separate bowls. I started with the milk chocolate chips and began to dab lines and texture onto a parchment paper sheet in a cookie pan.

I then allowed it to set and become firm. Next, I poured the white chocolate over the hardened milk chocolate on the parchment paper.

After allowing it to dry (it didn’t take long), I went back to my sad attempt of layering and crumb coating my 4 layer cake. I alternated between the chocolate and vanilla cakes with a simple buttercream icing. It may have been just as interesting to alternate icing flavors (that are complimentary of course) to match the cake layers…but ain’t nobody got time for that!