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How to set up a Backyard Movie Night

Since we are all stuck at home with the Stay-at-Home order, I know I'm not the only one missing the interactions and hustle and bustle of going out. Typically when setting up for a small social event, I love to browse the stores (Homegoods, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, etc.) to see what other cute knick knacks I can find. Since everything is closed, I had to shop my home and put together with what I already had.

I realized that it's not always about the "look" but how it makes you feel. So I grabbed some buckets and trays (think baking tray) to create a sweet station.

I will have everything linked in my AMAZON shop for the basics on creating the movie aspect but most if not all the sweet station items I'm sure you can find in your kitchen/pantry.

Here are 4 tips on recreating your own backyard movie night oasis.

Tip 1: Designate a space in your backyard (or maybe front yard) - you want to be able to spread out...imagine having an entire theatre to yourself. We are blessed enough to have a nice size backyard to have a full set up but for those who may not have outdoor space you can always section off part of your bedroom or living room.

Tip 2: Invest in a projector and if you have the extra coins opt for a pop up screen. I was going to opt for a plain white sheet as my screen but realized I didn't have any white sheets. If you have the sheet - go for it! Tack it/Tape it/hang it as your makeshift screen.

Tip 3: Set up a snack station with your favorites - mine included these delicious popsicles, cotton candy, popcorn and brookies. Check out the video below for the EASIEST DIY dessert ever!

Tip 4: Drinks, Drinks, Drinks...I'm a sucker for drink options and this backyard outing DID NOT lack. From sodas to Jarritos to Wine to Rosé cocktail pouches - we had all the delicious sips ready to go for our movie marathon. Is it just me or are movies more fun with a drink in hand?

Below are some of the items (the popcorn machine is next on my list to buy) for the perfect backyard movie night! I love the flavorings for the popcorn and I highly suggest you get some comfortable seating whether a bean bag or a hammock.

Be sure to post the graphic on PINTEREST as a reminder! I'd love to see you over there - follow "Toast from the Host".

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