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“Keeping it Kiwi” Party Inspiration

Did y’all see my love of kiwi with my kiwi cocktail from last month? It was the perfect summer fruity drink and visually pleasing. I mean who doesn’t love the look of kiwi? I decided to go all out and have a full fledged kiwi party. Including a green balloon garland, kiwi streamer garland, two kiwi cocktails, and grilled chicken kiwi salad, kiwi cupcakes and a kiwi tart by Hurried Hostess.

Here are a few tips on recreating this simple but “kute” kiwi party.

Tip 1

Shades of green is key. I incorporated a balloon garland with various greens and added in some black 5″ balloons every few balloons to incorporate the seeds of a cut kiwi. Additionally, I added the streamer garland to be used as a tablecloth. Here is the simple (but time consuming) tutorial.

Tools needed: Curling Ribbon or Nylon String, green tablecloths, gold mylar tissue paper, scissors

Step 1: Recruit friends and cut many (HUNDREDS) of strips from your tablecloth. Easiest route will be to fold your tablecloth in half and cut and then cut the strips.

Step 2: Do the same cutting strips for the mylar.

Step 3: Begin to tie & knot your tablecloths along your string. Be sure they are spaced out to create movement (if hanging) and they are similar levels.

Step 5: Continue to knot the strips for however long you would like to have the garland.

Tip 2

Incorporate your theme within your drinks. We created a layered kiwi cocktail

but also created a mocktail version for those who are looking for another option.

Ingredients: 1 cup of Sparkling Water, 2 Pumps of Torani Green (Apple) Syrup, Dried Kiwi & Fresh Kiwi for garnish, 1 tablespoon of lime juice

Step 1: Add 2 pumps of syrup to the bottom of your glass.

Step 2: Add lime juice and set a single garnish to the middle of the glass

Step 3: Top with sparkling soda (or lemon lime soda for added sweetness)

Step 4: Garnish to your liking and enjoy!

Tip 3

Like the drinks, incorporating kiwi in your menu is key. Don’t overpower everything with kiwi but enough to add garnish to your additional food (and can also be removed). For example, the kiwi chicken salad was a mixed green salad with kiwi and blueberry garnish and dried kiwi were added as garnish for vanilla cupcakes.

Tip 4

Last but not least is incorporating a themed menu. I love this simple print I created with the vibrant kiwi pattern. Consider this my gift to you! You can download the print here.

Summer isn’t over so you have plenty of time to “Keep things Kiwi” with your own party. Use the printable download and create a menu or invite – so many options! Perhaps you want to save these tips for later. Pin the images below!

Also, for more recipes, inspiration, guides, tips and more – follow my pinterest here.


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