Love Around the World – Valentine’s Day Party

February is the month of love at least that’s what all big box stores will tell you. We couldn’t even get out of New Years long enough before all the pink, red and white hearts were hanging on shelves. Don’t get me wrong…I love love and I love Valentine’s Day but I wanted to go a more untraditional route with this love thing. So much of Valentine’s Day is geared towards “couple” love…but what about the unconditional love that Christ has for us? We all have our different love languages and show how we love in our own way but imagine love across boundaries…countries….continents. In popped the idea of “Love around the world”.

I love you. 我爱你 , nakupenda , je t’aime, わたしは、あなたを愛しています , te amo , أحبك ,

jag älskar dig , я люблю тебя , eu te amo

Valentine’s Day

I tried to incorporate details that would translate internationally. From the globe meaning around the world to the magnifying glass helping you “look” for love to the map table runner, this set up wasn’t your typical. Very moody and romantic and a nod to Pantone’s color of 2018…can you guess? (or google it, haha)

Valentine’s Day

I tried to make a play on the grazing boards that are so popular and opted for a “dessert grazing board”. When you think of Valentine’s Day, you think sweets, sugar and chocolate so what better way to showcase to your “sweet”ies (get it?) than with a dessert board? I loved using a rose gold sheet pan as the base to build the sweets on. Did you notice the map table runner? This roll was picked up at the local craft store but I have found another version here.

Valentine’s Day

Here are tips on how to recreate your own Dessert Grazing Board:

1. Pick at least 5 countries you would like to visit and research a dessert they are known for. (My ingredient list for the board is below.)

2. If most desserts have the same coloring and tone, pick up some vibrant fruit (raspberries/strawberries) to brighten up the board. Plus who doesn't love chocolate and strawberries?

3. Make rows of your dessert making sure they contrast in color.

4. Add contrasting color (fruit) in clusters as garnishes.

5. Enjoy!

Dessert Board

Ingredients: Various countries’ desserts for example: Madeleine Cookies (France), Cinnamon Cookies (Spain), Cheesecake (Greece), Chocolate Chip Cookies & Brownies (USA), Gingersnap (Germany), Chocolate Covered Biscuit Wafers (England), Fresh Fruit – I chose raspberries.

I used a rose gold baking sheet platter and began to layer desserts of different colorings and textures. I began to make rows of sweets and filled in the gaps with fresh raspberries.

Dessert Board

Dessert Board

One of my favorite Valentine’s Day memories happens to be when my Dad would always surprise me with a Teddy Bear, heart balloon and mini heart chocolates. It was tradition for me to wake up on Valentine’s Day and still be surprised and touched, even in my older age, of the sweet thought of the bear, balloon and chocolate. Now I knew that this one day doesn’t determine if I’m loved but it was sure nice to celebrate this holiday with our Daddy Daughter traditions. Call me a hopeless romantic with wanting to continue fun traditions like this every year. How are you spending your Valentine’s Day? I’d love to know!

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Valentine’s Day Dessert Board

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