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Party Gifts: S'mores Box

Call me a fake but I'm not super crazy about s'mores. The concept, yes...I love it but the actual act of me eating a s'more I'm not sold. It was in 2018 when I finally ate one and was able to make friends with marshmallows. I just always felt like marshmallows were it a texture thing but we've since made nice and may not be the best of friends but acquaintances. Back to the's super easy to put together a S'mores bar and have everything laid out but I always like to upgrade and "zhoosh" up the simple. Packaging and presentation is EVERYTHING and I am the person that takes time to admire packaging first and then the product.

So let's get into it shall we? This acrylic box was found underneath the display cases in hobby lobby. Depending on how extravagant and big you want to make your s'mores box.

I think we all know the ingredients for this confection but for those who may not, you will need graham crackers (I selected cinnamon because it gives it a little extra "Mmmm"). Following that you need marshmallows, but plot twist! I can get down with cotton candy as an alternative and it may not have that gooey factor but it's equally tasty. Last part of a typical s'more includes chocolate but let's get creative. Hershey's bar is standard but play around with a Twix (OMG the crunch!) or a Reese's peanut butter cup. Feeling a lil boujie? Try Ghiradelli or Lindt chocolate to really indulge.

Now it's time to build the box...Bob (Betty) the Builder style! Grab your acrylic box...

Stack three sets of graham cracker halves in the base of the box followed by your chocolate pieces.

Don't forget to top with your marshmallow (or cotton candy) and recap the box and tie with a bow!

Can't make this cute little gift right now? No worries, save the image below to your Pinterest board and I'll see you over there for more inspiration.

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