Party Playbook – A Football Gameday for the Girls

We all know that football is no longer an all male sport. I like having the game on while hanging at the house, but of course, I’m no fan of a boring football set up. Hence a way to upgrade Gameday with what I like to call a “Party Playbook” set up.

Football Party

You may not be one to go all out for the Super Bowl…especially if your team isn’t in it, but this national event is always a good excuse for a get together. Check out some simple decor tips and ideas I have to upgrade your party to fit the ladies.

Football Party

Tip 1: I love to add flowers to any event…even if it includes football. When you think football, you think of the green field/turf but rather than going plain, upgrade with some greenery. I opted for a {cheap} version of green carnation bunches. Picked these up at the Neighborhood Walmart for less than $5. That’s a win!

Tip 2: Crowd Pleasing Appetizers are a go to. We all know to go to Pinterest for inspiration from food recipes to decor so of course I had to check out some of Pinterest food staples. I love the Hawaiian Roll Sliders and recreated the recipe. You can get the recipe here.

King’s Roll Hawaiian Slider

Tip 3: We can’t always have a stocked bar and everyone’s favorite drink so that’s where a crowd pleasing “PUNT”ch bowl recipe saves the day. Upgraded with an infused ice mold that made the drink more boozy as it melted. Forget the beer – grab a glass of this sweet sip.

Football Party

Tip 4: When it comes to events, it’s best to give your guests an outline that’s obvious. Rather than traditional menus and cards, I opted to sketch on the black kraft paper. Super easy, a little informal, but very personable.

I encourage you to grab your girls or guys and use the “Big Game” as an excuse to get together. Make it your own event whether it’s a pot luck or catered, it doesn’t have to be a huge event. I’d love to see how you do GameDay. Personally, I’m ready for all the commercials!

Football Party

I created a fun game to keep the party going through the commercials…Party Playbook Commercial Bingo. I mean who doesn’t love Super Bowl commercials? Download this freebie and have a blast. What kind of prize are they going to get? Your very own Lombardy trophy or Super Bowl ring? I think they’ll be happy!

Pin for later….

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

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