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Easy Sherbet Mimosas

I am a brunch girl. Perhaps it’s because it allows me time to sleep in on the weekends but still enjoy the perks of breakfast food as if I woke up early.

A brunch staple is a mimosa (orange juice and champagne) but I wanted to create a different option for those weekend mornings when you are feeling extra (extra) fancy. Introducing the sherbet mimosa! There are so many flavors of sherbet so the options are endless from raspberry to swirl or keep it classic with orange. Here is all you need to recreate this delicious weekend sip.

What I love about this type of mimosa is you can mix and match your flavors.


Strawberry/Pineapple/Lime (whatever flavor you like!) sherbet,

Champagne (for a sweeter taste Moscato de Asti),

*optional - fresh fruit juice in same flavor as sherbet

*optional - fresh fruit garnish

Step by Step:

Step one: Scoop 3 tablespoons of (peach or your choice ) sherbet into a champagne flute.

Optional: Feeling adventurous? Mix and match your sherbet flavors like Peach and Strawberry or Strawberry and Pineapple or Cherry and Lime.

Step two: Optional Pour 1 – 2 ounces of complimentary fresh squeezed juice.

Step three: POP BOTTLES! Depending on your taste, use champagne (traditional) and pour over sherbet in flute. For added sweetness, use a Moscato d Asti!

 Sherbet Mimosa

Sherbet Mimosa

Step four: Enjoy your bubble cocktail with your delicious brunch!

*NON ALCOHOLIC VERSION HACK – substitute bubbles for ginger ale or sparkling white grape juice.


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