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Shiner Beer Shake

I’m not a beer girl but figured most people enjoy a nice brew. I tried combining my love of milkshakes with this American favorite pastime (drinking beer right?) into a tasty sweet treat. Here the beer milkshake was born. More of a “float” consistency but the ingredients are simple…Shiner Beer, Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream, Cinnamon, Vanilla extract.

Follow the steps as if you’re making an ice cream float and stir the beer and ice cream to create a smoother blended consistency. Once complete, top off the shake with more beer…of course.

Now’s the time to add toppings – yay! I rimmed the glass with white chocolate and root beer cotton candy sugar…YUM! I also added in a pinch of cinnamon, beer nuts and maple bacon jerky. Something about a savory and sweet mix…you can’t go wrong!

#dessert #Milkshake #shinerbeer

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