Simple Drinks for your Garden Party

Did you see the previous herb garden/garden party post? I had the most amazing time styling an herb garden bar cart - something completely different than what I would normally do. I knew that with the herb garden I wanted it to be incorporated in everything - including the cocktails.

It's always great to have a mix of herbs such as mint, thyme, basil and rosemary as the perfect seasoning or garnish for food but when incorporated into your cocktail - it not only elevates the presentation - it brings a complex flavor to the party.

This Mint Lavender Lemonade is a great garden party accompaniment to a FRESH garden party.

My favorite element was the garnish ring that topped the glassware.

Here's the quick DIY on the garnish ring:

Using floral wire create a circle the size of your glassware.

Twist the ends around each other and begin to weave the stems of your herbs over and underneath the wire.

Using the wire to squeeze the ends of the herbs to stay.

Place the ring on top of the completed cocktail.

Here is how to recreate these sips for your next outdoor soiree!

Mint Lavender Lemonade


Mint Leaves

Floral Wire

Lavender Syrup

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade / Fresh Pressed Lemonade

Instructions on Lavender syrup:

4-6 sprigs of fresh lavender

1/2 cup of water

1/2 sugar

Bring to a boil and be sure to stir until sugar is dissolved.

Allow to cool and strain the lavender sprigs from the mixture.

Refrigerate and prepare to use...

Muddle 4-6 Mint Leaves and 3 ounces of lavender syrup

Add crushed ice

Top with Lemonade or Sparkling Lemon Soda

Add Mint Ring Garnish & Enjoy!