Simple Holiday Fruit Wreath Board

Looking for a quick dish to put out for last minute guests or an eye catching platter for your next party? How about a fruit board but in the shape of a Holiday wreath. I adapted this idea from “Keep Calm Get Organized”. The idea was to use a foam wreath shape but I didn’t have any on hand. Instead I followed the pattern and designed my own wreath with fresh fruits in stock at the local grocer.

Ingredients: 2lb strawberries, a small pack of blueberries, 3lbs of green grapes, and 1 lb of fresh cherries.

After washing and drying the fruit, I started with the outer circle on the faux wooden platter. Here and here are similar platters to the one I own.

Placing the strawberry tips facing inward, I made my way around….twice.

Next “skewer” two to three green grapes on a toothpick and fill in every other gap between the strawberries.

Now if you are anything like me, seeing the wooden toothpicks on the platter will drive you nuts. Time to bring in the blueberries to fill in any gaps and holes you see. No certain amount but enough to make things look full.