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St. Patrick’s Day – Get Lucky with these Green Treats

It’s no surprise I am not Irish but I love celebrating any colorful holiday and St. Patrick’s Day is definitely on the list. I created two fun, easy and simple recipes that you can “Get Lucky” with how simple they are. I’m sure there is a pun in there but depending on your humor, it can be taken many ways…hehe!

Introducing the Lucky Irish Shake.

 Lucky Irish Shakes

Lucky Irish Shakes

Ingredients: 3 c. vanilla ice cream, 1/2 c. Baileys Irish Cream, 2-3 drops green gel food coloring, whipped cream. Thin Mint Cookies, Gold flakes


  1. Combine ice cream, Baileys Irish Cream, and food coloring in a blender.

  2. Blend until smooth.

  3. Pour into glasses; top with whipped cream, thin mints and a gold flake.

  4. Enjoy!

 Lucky Irish Shake

Lucky Irish Shake

See how “lucky” we are at how simple this shake was. I would suggest for parties to place these in silicone hooters or frozen chocolate shooters and top with crumbled thin pints.

Lucky Irish Shake

Recipe number two is actually pretty simple also and if I’m pushing the “pun jokes” then I’d have to call these Waff”full” of Gold…or something along those lines. Until I’m able to lock in a cute name just call these “Waffle-y Lucky” breakfast.

Waffle-y Lucky Recipe

Ingredients include waffles (store-bought is fine for this), 1 teastpoonpowdered sugar, whipped cream, gel food coloring and marshmallows.

Go ahead and prep/make your waffles according to the ingredients.

Start with 2 cups of whipped cream, 1 tablespoon of soft butter, 2 drops of gel green food coloring, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Fold all your ingredients together as to not disrupt the “fluffiness”. Once the color has dispersed throughout the mixture you can dollop on top of your waffle stack and top with marshmallows. Not only is it easy, it’s pretty! I’m all about the pretty so add some dashes of powdered sugar to “zhoosh” it up and serve!

How are you going green this Irish holiday?

Waffle-y Lucky Recipe

Waffle-y Lucky Recipe


Waffle Recipe

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