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Top Sights to see in Brenham, TX | Toast Host Travels

Started a new travel series for all of you that enjoy traveling. I always run into the issue of wanting to wanderlust before taking a trip but I want to see the best spots to take photos so I can better plan out my trip. I decided a quick trip down to Brenham, TX was a simple remedy for my day trip needs. Check out some of my favorite photo worthy spots and things to do in “Blue Bell” country, Brenham, TX.

1. Things to Do – Murals – they are everywhere downtown. Taking a morning or evening stroll before the “traffic” picks up will give you the best time to capture all these colorful and small town specific mural vibes. Here are a few of my favorite captures:

2. Things to Do – Eat. When on the hunt for the cute little sandwich shops, “Must be Heaven” hits the nail on the head. They have a variety of sandwiches and cute little eatery inside and the other side is dessert heaven. The perfect photo op spot is right in front near the window display or sipping on your shake inside at the counter. This is one of the many places you can pick up the famous “Blue Bell Ice-cream”.

Another favorite stop of mine is Roux Street an outdoor wine specializing in craft beers and wine. Occasionally you can indulge in a good ole cajun meal of the day. It doesn’t matter what it is, its ALWAYS good. They have lineups for live music entertainment so check out their facebook page here for more details.

3. Things to do – out and about. Wandering around downtown you stumble upon cute little nooks and crannies to relax, take photos and enjoy the slower pace of life…like the Alamo Alley.

Or pick up a good book from the local Book Nook and take it with you around the corner to the…

4…Toubin Park. Enjoy your book with the background relaxation of running water from the still standing cistern. Another history moment is enjoying the brief history of how Brenham was so progressive with using this contraption to fight public fires. Check out some more details here.

5. If you haven’t noticed, Brenham is HOME to the FAMOUS and DELICIOUS Blue Bell ice cream. You can take a factory tour of your favorite ice cream and even indulge with their many flavors at their onsite sweet shop. This is a popular destination activity for school/church groups so I suggest going on an off day to enjoy the sweet life.

6. (bonus) Last but not least, going to Windy Winery a short drive out of the main hustle and bustle. They have wine stops (think I Love Lucy style) a few weekends out of the year for $25 which includes a commemorative shirt, sangria and lifetime memories. Be sure to stop and wave to all the cows along the fence line hiding underneath the trees from Texas heat.

Looking for a great place to crash in Brenham that isn’t so “country”? It may be Brenham’s best kept secret but Reserve on Sabine offers limited AirBnB rental for those out of town guests who are looking for a fully furnished, modern digs. Check out this cozy apartment here.

Save these pins for your next small town trip…

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