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All Pink Party at Pink’s Pizza – Event Recap

Did you know October is National Pizza Month? Neither did I until I had the idea to have a Girl’s Night Out Pizza Party. Although I love all colors, I have a passion for Pink and figured a Pink Pizza Party would be perfect! I was able to connect to one of Houston’s staple pizza chains, Pink’s Pizza & knew without a doubt they had to be a part. I mean they have a PINK NEON sign…that’s a win in itself.

I hosted a few ladies to enjoy a pizza and wine night on location and was thoroughly impressed. It was my first time having Pink’s Pizza (shame shame…I know) and to see their selection of specialty pizzas was slightly overwhelming. From the “Big Boss” to the “Bada Bing” the menu covered every type of tastebud. They even offer vegan & gluten-free options!

What’s a pizza party without wine to go with? Pink wine at that! We were in pink heaven.

We tried a variety of pizzas and my favorite from our selection happened to be the “Bada Bing” It was topped with Mozzarella, Prosciutto, Real Bacon, Pepperoni, Roma Tomato, Spinach & Fresh Mushroom. Y’all, I do not like mushroom but this is the second time (me intentionally having it) and I am not completely against it. It tasted like an extra meaty Margherita pizza with the pepperoni and bacon topped.

A fellow blogger friend, Callie with @its.callie.danielle happened to be gluten and dairy free so I was stumped on how she would be able to enjoy some soul soothing pizza. Aaron, created a custom pizza we like to call “The Callie Special”. It was their gluten-free crust, vegan cheese, a mix of veggies (and a little bacon because…bacon, yum!). EVERYONE was OBSESSED with her personal pizza. Needless to say there weren’t any leftovers. If you visit the Pink’s Pizza location on Washington Ave be sure to request “The Callie Special”. (We are trying to make it a “thing”)

Safa, another friend tried the EXTRA LARGE slice pizza called “Veggie Supremo” and it looked amazing. Topped with Mozzarella, Onions, Bell Peppers, Fresh Mushrooms, Black Olives & Fresh Tomatoes. She exclaimed that this was perfect! Think about it as a salad on pita bread right..completely healthy!

We also tried the “Southwestern Pizza” that included Cheddar & Mozzarella Cheese, BBQ Rosemary Chicken Breast, Red Onion & Jalapeno Peppers. I personally was unsure of a BBQ pizza because some things I just don’t want to combine but after trying it, I lost the typical pizza taste and began to really enjoy it. The bbq sauce cheese and peppers all complimented each other.

In the hustle and bustle and competition of the pizza market in Houston, there is plenty of it. Needless to say, Pink’s Pizza has a huge mark and influence in this city. There motto is “Our City. Our Pizza!

Pink’s Pizza also offers other items outside of pizza. Their selection of salads did not disappoint. We tried the Greek & California salad. They were hearty, and didn’t skip on toppings like nuts, tomatoes, onions, etc.

We wrapped up the evening with CinnaTies and I am ashamed to say I could barely get a decent picture of it because of all the hands diving to grab the cinnamon, buttery, warm dessert bites. We felt no guilt dipping the ties into the complimenting sauce. Even if you are full (you will be)…save a little room to wrap up your meal with these treats. You WON’T be disappointed!

Special thanks to the Pink’s Pizza team (at Washington Ave.) for hosting us. Next time you are in, say hi to Ken, Oscar, and Aaron!


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