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How to make a Sweet Fondue Set Up

Did you see the savory fondue for two blog post last week? I polled you all on Instagram to see are you Team Sweet or Team Savory and it was a tie. For me, it depends on the day...sometimes I can not get my fill of chocolate and other days give me everything buttery and salty.

This Sweet Fondue set up is the easiest Valentine's Day celebration that is perfect for you and your boo or perhaps your little ones.

Here is all what you need to recreate a deliciously sweet fondue set up.

The biggest difference is obviously the chocolate sauce and not the cheesy fondue.

Here are the easy steps to recreate the chocolate dip:

Tools/Ingredients: White Chocolate Melting Chips, Pink Chocolate Melting Chips, Spatula, Heat Safe Mixing Bowl

Melt 1/2 cup of the white chocolate and pink melting chips in 20 second intervals mixing in between. Continue until all the chips have melted and the chocolate is "dippable".

Some of my favorite food bites to use for the sweet fondue for two are vanilla wafers....


Cake Balls....

...and even popcorn. This is another version of my deliciously sweet Pink Popcorn from the 90's Sleepover Party blog post.

Check out this video to see the entire set up so you can recreate it.

If you decide to recreate this set up, I'd love to see your own version, tag me on Instagram.

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