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Colorful Fruit Bowls DIY

What’s the temp like where you live? If it’s anything like Houston, you are already very much in to the 90+ heat weather. It’s hard to stay extra cool doing outside activities but this is one thing you can enjoy to stay cool in the heat!

Fresh fruit is not only a healthy way to relieve the heat, but who doesn’t love food that is living and delicious?! Think about it – this selection below can be the key ingredient to your health…why not indulge?

Ingredients: Grab your favorite fruits whether they are mangos, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries…etc.

Note* Make sure one of your fruits is circular and large enough to scoop out the contents..pineapple isn’t a circle but you get it.


Rinse and dry all fruits you plan on using.

Cut circular fruit in half and scoop out contents. In the example, I used a pineapple because yum. BONUS —-> Here is a video on how to slice fruits

Select 2-4 complimentary fruits – I selected kiwi (sliced in half), blueberries (picked fresh from the garden), blackberries and mango.

Slice fruits or portion out enough fruit to fill the scooped out base.

Begin to layer your fruit – create a design if you’d like.

Indulge and enjoy!

Bonus – Got leftover fruit? Pack it all in a mini blender, add a dash of cinnamon, a fresh passionfruit juice and blend together. You’ll enjoy the most refreshing fruit smoothie!

Not in the mood for a huge bowl? Craving a tiny snack? Test out your skills and recreate a mini bowl in a mango or cantaloupe.

I highly suggest you try your hand at these fruit bowls. Next up…. Watermelon bowl! (YUMMMM) I’ve got something delicious planned up for that! Don’t forget to save all the color and fruit to your PINTEREST board – I’d love to meet you over there too!


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