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Colorful Honeycomb Cooler Station with Devra Party

Since Summer is practically here (in Houston at least) I’m sure you are getting prepared for all the outdoor activities. I am sure ready for all of the color and fun backyard events.

I partnered with Devra Party to create a fun honeycomb and paper fan garland because I think I have solidified these items as some of my top ten party supplies.

This garland was not only easy to create but visually impactful. I created a mini version of the one I hope to install in my upcoming Toast & Twirl Workshop on August 3rd. Have you not heard of it? It’s a colorful #crafternoon you do NOT want to miss!

The above graphic is an easy grab for your Pinterest board to show items needed to recreate this item. Click the links below to purchase your own set of pretty party goods!

Now you have the goods, time to assemble. I used a shorter (aka the cheapest priced) poultry netting as a structured base. Be careful as the sharp edges are very capable of cutting and poking delicate fingers and hands.

Cut off a length that you would like to cover with the paper honeycombs and fans and structure the netting into shape. I wanted to recreate a waterfall feature out of the standing cooler so I had a portion of the netting coming out of the closed side of the cooler.

After structuring it in place, I used the different shape fans and honeycomb strings to place and overlap on the netting. NOTE – IT WILL NOT BE PERFECT! (and you may still be able to see some netting but that’s just real life.

Tempted in trying your hand at this fun project? Maybe not now but later? No problem – be sure to save to your Pinterest board. Here are a few tags you can use to remind you to get to this fun and colorful project!


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