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How to....Style a Mimosa Bar Cart

I may have a bar cart problem but they are what I consider for the at home hostess or any type of entertaining expert. I had the privilege of styling a mimosa cart for a styled shoot. The concept was an editorial set up for a bride's wedding day and having all the beautiful elements while getting ready for the big day.

I would love to have this special treat on my wedding day and also make it masculine for the groom. There are so many ways to change it so it can be fitting for the the groom and groomsmen but that's for another post.

Let's get into what the essentials you need for a bar cart:

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First you need to start off with finding the right bar cart. Figure out where it will be stationed in your home (temporarily) as the point of a bar cart is the ability to move it to different spaces for entertaining.

There are silver, gold, black, many different styles of a bar cart but I stick to classics. The bar cart in the video is a Bamboo Styled Gold Bar Cart I picked up from HomeGoods.

Next up glassware, are we going for cute, dainty champagne glass or simple stemless plasticware. Perhaps you like the oversize burgundy glasses...I know I do.

After you have your base of a bar cart and glassware, let's move on to styling. Check out the video below on how we turned the cart from simple to **STUNNING**.

Beautiful right? Maybe I am a bit biased but that's okay. A few detailed pieces are the gold tipped syrup bottles .

Another important element are florals. Crowder Deats Flower Shop provided these gorgeous and vibrant blooms that fit the theme with the gold, pink and orange. Always always always add flowers or some type of living element. Sometimes you may not be able to source beautiful blooms but fresh greenery still does the trick.

I went grocery shopping for some of my favorite drink mixtures so everyone can DIY their favorite mimosa mixtures. Here are two drink ideas:

Cranberry Mimosa with Dragonfruit

1/2 cup of cranberry juice

1/2 cup of champagne OR sparkling cider

Top with dragonfruit garnish and mint leaves

Pineapple Orange Mimosa

1/2 cup of pineapple orange

1/2 cup of champagne OR sparkling cider

*Pro tip - add a shot of orange curaçao

Add orange wedge, raspberry & mint garnish

Mango Mimosa

1/2 cup of mango nectar

1/2 cup of champagne

garnish with cut pineapple, blueberries & dragonfruit

*Pro Tip - top with lemon drop Twirl cotton candy

There's no perfect way to make your mimosa, some prefer a splash of juice while others only want a splash of bubbles. Either way, make it your own and enjoy your sips.

Be sure to save the images below to your Pinterest board and follow for more inspiration.


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