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Crepe Paper Party Garland Backdrop

Sometimes you want something to really WOW your guests but realizing spending a bunch of money on a backdrop doesn’t seem feasible with your event. How about an eye catching backdrop that costs less than $30? Everyone loves the movement of streamers but crepe paper has the same effect. The original idea came from Oh Happy Day but I wanted to create one that was on theme with the Toast & Twirl Workshop, Palm Springs.

Materials List:

After collecting your materials you need to make sure you have TIME. This craft took me longer than I wanted although I’m sure it would move quicker if you had extra hands.


- Unravel the crepe paper and stretch out to remove the elasticity.

- Fold the extra long crepe paper in half and then again until it is stacked.

- Begin to make slits on one side of the crepe paper be sure not to cut the entire way through.

- Repeat on the other side to make fringes.

- Unravel when complete and admire your work.

- Measure out one foot and cut all the way through the crepe paper to create a fringed “sheet”

- Continue to cut out one foot until the entire streamer has been sectioned. Do this for the following crepe colors

- Lay out the paper to your liking - I followed a color gradient style.

- Glue each end (overlapping) with your colors and allow it to dry.

- Continue the folding process to protect your fringes until you are ready to hang. Tip - always go one foot longer than the exact length do give it enough to “pool” at the floor.

- When you are ready to hang, you can use command hooks and fishing line. I personally used hot glue on one end and stuck it to the wall. Please note - sticking hot glue can damage certain finishes so be careful the hot glue is capable to being stuck and peeled off.

Okay, now for photos time….sometimes it’s easier to learn with pictures rather than instructions, so here you go!

Slightly obsessed with the colors and the fringes. Be sure your slits are equal to create an even look.


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