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How to Make an EASY, COLORFUL, ABSTRACT Backdrop

If you are looking for one of the easiest tutorials ever, you have made it to the right place. I have always been obsessed with color and the different shades that washi tape came in gave me all the feels in creating another backdrop.

First select a color palette that fits your party theme. The above photos were a result of my excitement to attend Altitude Summit and craving the Palm Spring vibes and colors. I love the soft complimentary palette with the corals, pinks and a pop of lime green.

Don’t get me wrong, just because it is pastel doesn’t mean I don’t like the bright colors because as you can see below, I created some more abstract art for my annual Toast & Twirl Workshop.

This is such an easy way to cover a large amount of space. It gives enough visual interest for you to want to snap a photo in front because you know your background is going to be super cute.

I never used any specific measurements but eyeballed and just kept layering what I thought were complimentary colors. Whether you decide to do solely lines or a mix of different shapes, I can guarantee you, you will love it. Be sure you always take a step back ever so often to see how the bigger picture is coming together. There were times in which I was focusing on one section and needed to change it up with a different angle or color and it was then perfect.

Here is a pack of 40 rolls of Washi Tape that are in a rainbow of colors.

I am obsessed with these pastel colors – Imagine a wall covered with these colors. Gorgeous!

Okay it’s your turn, I want to see your washi tape backdrops. Bonus if you add flowers or any other fun prop to the wall. Tag me because I want to see!

Don’t forget to save this to your Pinterest board for later. I’d love to follow you too!

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