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New Year’s Holiday at Home – 5 Tips on hosting a New Year’s Party at Home

It happens every year, trying to find the perfect plan for New Years celebration. Everyone wants to go to the glitzy glam parties downtown or with all the hustle and bustle. Why not do something different and host your own New Years get together at home? Whether it’s you and your significant other or a small group of friends, host a party that is perfectly styled and from the heart.

 NYE 2017

NYE 2017

Tip One: I love a good themed signature drink so you definitely need to try your hand at the “Countdown Cocktail” – craft a cocktail specific for the night.


1 ounce of Vanilla Vodka (chilled)

3 ounces of Ginger Ale or Sparkling Grape Juice (chilled)

1 Teaspoon of Grenadine

Pink Vanilla Twirl Cotton Candy

Pour vodka, sparkling juice and grenadine in a martini glass. Stir to guarantee the flavors mix. Top with cotton candy for a special garnish or stir in the cotton candy with the cocktail. Sip as you countdown to the new year.

Tip Two: Have some fun decor for your guests, whether it is a cute party hat or a midnight party popper – my favorite being these custom confetti poppers by Alaan Studios. Let’s just say these are some DOPE ASS CONFETTI poppers. They have different shreds of sequins, iridescent paper and fit the theme of the night perfectly.

 Dope Ass Confetti Popper

Dope Ass Confetti Popper

Tip Three: Use untraditional decor to serve and display your food. Rather than using a plain bowl for chips or popcorn, I like to use colorful vases. They come in different designs, colors and shapes. Be sure that it is user friendly – last thing you want is the scoop or serveware getting stuck in a decorative vase.

Tip Four: Have a mix of sweet and salty treats – create a theme snack display to nibble on through out the night. I love adding visual elements to give the plate more appeal. Level and different heights are also a must so everyone can see the selection.

Tip Five: Here are a few of my favorite picks for styling your space for the countdown night. I love having neutral staples that can be upgraded for whatever event you decide to hold – of course you know a bar cart is in there (my FAVORITE furniture piece ever!)

It’s the perfect party on wheels that can be moved to another room while still having your snack display in the kitchen. Give your guests options and the convenience of having multiple ways to refresh their drinks or nibble the night away.

Hope you got a few tips to assist you in throwing your New Year’s party at home. What tips or tricks do you do for your holiday parties? Share below!

Last but not least….HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you in 2018!

All photos captured by Stacy Anderson Photography

Styled Home – Carnegie Homes

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