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1950’s Housewife Brunch Bridal Shower

The moment one of my best friend’s became engaged, I knew I had to host her bridal shower. I had so many ideas of the theme I wanted to have (did you catch that…what I wanted..haha!) but the good thing is that we have similar taste. After rattling my brain, I settled upon a vintage theme with feminine elements and that’s how 1950s Housewife Bridal Shower came about. Here are a few tips on how to recreate this theme for your next gal pal bride to be.

Invites: Now days, there are so many options on setting the tone and excitement for an event with an invite. There are numerous designers and illustrators to bring out your vision but unfortunately, at the time I didn’t have the option to outsource something custom. I went for the next best thing, Etsy. I wasn’t able to find the exact invite but here are similar versions you can customize to fit your theme. I loved that these were readily available to print. I added a little extra “zhush” and printed on shimmery golden paper…because why not?

Location: We hosted this intimate event at Tiny’s No. 5. There event space was the perfect place for our lady gathering. They have renovated the space so there are slight changes if you are looking for them to host your event. From the wall of windows to the new shiplap wall, this space is the perfect backdrop to whatever your imagination can create.

Decor: My favorite part of planning an event is incorporating all the details from flowers to place settings to lighting – I AM OBSESSED. To keep with the 50’s housewife theme we incorporated clothespin in the place settings. They were the perfect “normalcy” to our custom decorative floral napkins.

The tablescape included fresh bud flowers along a baby blue dotted table runner. It was custom crafted by my mother and myself. Spent an hour browsing the fabric aisles in Hobby Lobby and stumbled upon a complimentary and on theme print. Decided to keep things easy and bonded the sides to create a straight edge. No lining was needed because we knew it would be one sided and covered with more decor.

Each place setting came with the CUTEST party favor gift box. I picked up this printable from Etsy here. Although it was time consuming on assembling, it was completely worth it. Rather than filling the oven with cupcakes, to fit the brunch menu, we stuffed the ovens with fresh, warm Shipley donut holes. If you’re from Texas, you HAVE to be a Shipley’s fan. If not, just unfriend me now….haha kidding! (not really)

The bride to be sipped on a custom tea cup in front of the “typical” clothesline. There were so many options with backdrops and capturing the perfect photo in front of it. One of our favorite backdrops happened to be the custom chalk backdrop by Rachel with Half Moon Lettering (the chalk wall is no longer at the location). How adorable is this colorful housewife?! This lady is incredibly talented!

Attire: What’s a themed event without having an attire to fit. We highly encouraged the ladies to dress on theme and they did NOT disappoint!

Food: One of the most important elements for any get together – the food. It can definitely make or break an event. We were not disappointed in the spread of delicious brunch favorites served by Tiny’s No. 5. I encourage you to have some wooden serving board and trays on hand to recreate this look, like this and this. It’s a uniform look and so classy – most foods are perfect on these trays. Personally, I think the food display always makes things taste even better, perhaps its the anticipation of seeing all the colors and details of the food. We do eat with our eyes first so pretty food should always be pretty good.

Activities: Outside of opening gifts and “ooh-ing and ahh-ing”, a bridal shower game is a must have and we had two! One being the famous “Price is Right”. We selected 1950’s household products and had everyone guess the price for these items. It’s amazing to see what we paid for milk back in the day. The one who answered the most correct received a cute kitchen set filled with a colander, mixer, spatula and more. Perfect for the housewife right?

Did you love this theme as much as I did? Save and pin this for later! For more inspiration, follow my Pinterest board here.


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