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3rd Annual Toast & Twirl Workshop (2018)

August 4, 2018 at Aris Market Square was the for the 3rd Annual Toast & Twirl Workshop. It keeps getting better and better! Don’t believe us? Check out the recap below.

We were honored to host a lovely group of ladies and returning attendees for this year’s workshop.

Ladies from all backgrounds CAME TOGETHER for an afternoon of color, creativeness and craft. It was the most pleasant afternoon. Who said making friends as an adult was hard? The workshop was the perfect place to meet other women who hyped you up to “catch the light” with your selfies in front of the backdrop. We like these women!

We had THE BEST vendors and sponsors. I know, everyone says that but truly, we did! This event wouldn’t have been a success without these wonderful brands and companies who support color, creativity and women businesses. Shall I introduce you? …Wasn’t a real question – you are going to love meeting them.

LocationAris Market Square was the PERFECT location for a colorful workshop. From the valet and extremely friendly concierge and agents to the stunning Houston views with floor to ceiling (15 foot ceilings might I add) windows. There was no detail overlooked when this space was built and it just “felt” right when I was introduced to this venue.

Special thanks to Adriana with Nan Properties who specializes in high end and luxury real estate. They DID NOT disappoint. Anytime you are looking for your luxury fix or looking to upgrade, I suggest you check them out! They even gifted attendees with custom Nan property Yeti drink coolers….umm, yes please!

Backdrop – Now let’s immerse ourself in this GORGEOUS backdrop by my best friend, Kourtnie (and her husband) of Alaan Studios. They are the cutest little creative duo and she has always been so artsy and creative. They have participated in the workshop the past two years with teaching a paper flowers class but this year we changed it up and they made this BREATHTAKING backdrop. I wish I was able to capture the “WOW” and “OOOOooo” faces of all those who stepped out of the elevator and were greeted by this 15′ foot custom backdrop. Talk about a welcoming right?

In addition to this COLOR explosion of a backdrop, they also own a confetti line. Who doesn’t love confetti? Originally, the idea was to fill the pool table with fresh flowers but let’s be real…that’s 1. expensive and 2. after a while, they won’t look as vibrant. The next best thing was DOPE ASS CONFETTI! What I love about adding confetti to the pool table was that it resembled a spice souk market with the various colors and textures. You couldn’t help to touch it and sprinkle a little confetti in your swag bag.

Speaking of Swag, this bag had to be the best one yet because of our GENEROUS sponsors.

TOO CUTE to eat custom Toast & Twirl Cookies by Okie Doughkie that fit the theme perfectly.

Be Mixed all natural, zero calorie drink mixer was the perfect addition to ALL sip enthusiasts. Whether they mixed it with their alcohol of choice or sparkling water – it is the lightest and most refreshing mixer on the market that focuses on being CLEAN with no sugar, no calories, no preservatives and is gluten-free.

We also had a pleasure to have Scout & Cellar a clean crafted wine brand. The lovely Tara was the perfect hostess with spoiling us with a refreshing summer Sangria that mixed the Cucumber Mint Mixer along with their Dove Hunt Dog Sauvignon Blanc. They have a membership available that ships wine to your doorstep. What could be better? I’ll wait.

Although we didn’t get to experience the legend that is Snooze AM Eatery, they were TOO KIND to provide pancake cards offering their specialty cinnamon roll pancake or pineapple upside down pancake. I have had both and never knew I had an addiction to these flavorful cupcakes.

I have had the pleasure to work with Le Grand Courtage Wines this year and they are a complete joy! Not only is the brand an obsession of mine – think pink, feminine and luxurious, their wine is matching with celebrating and the party theme of #acceptallinvitations

I think the most anticipated swag item was the special jewelry gift from sponsor Kendra Scott. Each piece was selected to fit the color theme and was a great surprise for each guest. They have been a joy to work with this year and look forward to our continued partnership. I love the way they support the community with their #KendraGivesBack and monthly events.

To go along with the theme, Twirl Cotton Candy Twirl Tubs in a mix of Lemon Drop Sour, Orange and strawberry. It was the perfect sweet tooth fulfillment for the workshop day.

Each attendee became a part of the Toast and Twirl family with custom pink aprons. The pretty way to protect your clothing from any craft mishaps. How cute right?

and a little tassel to add for an extra piece of “zhoosh”.

Whew! Can you believe all that color just in the first hour of the event? Overload…I know! Good!

Let’s talk about or AMAZING workshop sponsors. This year we had a repeat workshop (by popular demand) and added two new classes. Half of the ladies started off with a custom mixology class by Elle Heath of Elle Talk. (Visit and follow her blog…you won’t be disappointed)

She has been a workshop favorite and her extensive knowledge of cocktails is IMPRESSIVE. Her high energy mixed with her recipe creation was a HIT. From big batch cocktails to a custom mini cocktail (mocktail), the ladies were able to toast in the morning. No judgement right?

The next workshop was taught by a past workshop sponsor, Mariela with Casa de Flores Design. She has a beautiful way of selecting the perfect floral arrangements to coordinate for the event. She led the class (along with her cute little sister assistant) in creating their own custom floral garland. MUCH HARDER than you would expect but these ladies pushed through and created gorgeous floral pieces. Mariela will be offering more floral classes in the future so be sure to follow along on her social media.

You may be wondering where all these beautiful florals came from…another WONDERFUL vendor, Mayesh Houston. They were amazing in providing fresh florals for each of the class. It’s something so soothing about fresh and colorful blooms. They are good for the soul…and eyes too!

The final workshop was fitting to the workshop theme. Naqiya with Paisleys and Swirls was a first time instructor and knocked it out of the park. She has a way of being personable (and knowledgeable) about the art of henna. She led the class with her custom workbook and essential oil scented henna cones. This class felt like a therapy and yoga session with all the concentration going on. Another skill that you really have to appreciate the professional in this industry. Naqiya offers henna design services along with makeup and has been a pleasure to work with! Be sure to visit her social media for more information.

Lunch was provided by Dimassi’s catering and copper displays provided by Aztec Events & Tents. I have used them in the past with other rentals and they have a GREAT selection of everything you need. From glassware to tents – you need it and they have it!

I think it’s safe to say, this year was a personal favorite. From beginning to end, we felt immersed in color. Special thanks to the additional hands – Joe, Diana and Tina, workshop staff that kept things running smoothly behind the scenes.

Last but NOT LEAST, every capture needed was taken by blogger and photographer Stacy Anderson with Stacy Anderson Photography & The Hurried Hostess. She always knows exactly what to capture and makes each photo come alive. Now if only I can capture photos the way she does then I may be in the game.

We are in the works of the 4th annual Toast & Twirl Workshop but am planning mini workshops for the Fall and Winter. Subscribe to the newsletter and follow on social media for all the details. We would LOVE to see you and your friends at our next event.

Check out my Pinterest for more color, events, parties and recipes here.


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