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A Baby is Brewing Baby Shower Inspiration

My best friend from college, Kourtnie with Alaan Studios is celebrating the upcoming arrival of her first bundle of joy. She doesn’t have a name at the moment but we are all so excited for the first little one to join our three peas in a pod (yes three + her beautiful sister in the photo below).

I was happy to help put together her baby shower for the little one. Kourtnie is a neutral and simple girl but obsessed with all things cute…we have the same mindset of attention to details. Her want for the shower was neutral, clean, green and airy. This was my inspiration that I wanted to recreate for the event. Keep scrolling to see how I recreated the look.

I went on the hunt for locations to fulfill certain requirements – greenery and airy being the main things. Although we are in Houston, staying outside during the heat of the day is asking for trouble but we were lucky enough to find a cute Wine & Beer garden in the Houston Heights. They have two outdoor patios with covering/shade a bunch of greenery and a food truck with delicious bites. This was it!

Since this was a coed shower we wanted to have some masculine elements and thought the beer theme would fit perfectly, especially at a beer & wine garden.

The place was already cute so the need for a lot of decor wasn’t necessary. Covering the picnic tables with gingham tablecloths from EfavorMart was a great base and contrast to all the greenery.

I took my time and Youtubed and practiced faux hand lettering and tried my hand at attempting to write “cutesy” on the beer growlers that doubled as floral centerpieces.

Also was quite proud of the a-frame chalkboard near the mother to be. Don’t ask me how many times I had to erase and rewrite…completely worth it.

Kourtnie was the center of attention in a Peacock chair from Oliver & Penelope Vintage Rentals. We decorated it with a neutral balloon garland and some of my favorite clear balloons. Adding fresh greenery to “zhoosh” up the look.

If it’s not obvious as a Houstonian, I talk about the heat a lot. I can deal with it better than I can the cold/winter but that doesn’t take away the fact of I will let you know it is hot, it will always be hot and when I’m hot. With that being said, we were hot at the baby shower and had these delicious fruity popsicles to cool off. Check out the detail on how to recreate your own here. They were a HIT!!

One of the focal points for the shower was the gorgeous live floral chandelier. I was so excited to have this installation at the event to tie everything together. If you are looking for a very simple DIY with not a lot of materials this is it!

Take a look at this beauty….

This only took a few materials but some time…which is expensive but worth it.

Materials – Twig Wreath (get a larger size to make a statement), jute , greenery, shears

Step One: Pick a lush bush/greenery and urban forage around your area. I happened to have a courtyard filled with overgrown greenery and I took my time to prune away.

Step Two: Use the shears to cut the stems at a point

Step Three: Begin to insert and weave in the twig wreath

Step Four: Step back and make sure the wreath is full in all areas and continue to fill in. It’s okay if some of the greenery is hanging – it gives a more lush look.

 The pruning aftermath.

The pruning aftermath.

Overall, the parents to be had a lovely time and a were completely showered with love and gifts. We can’t wait until Baby F arrives the end of this month.

Be sure to pin the photos below when you need a shower idea. I would love to see you on Pinterest!


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