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Feminine Foam Finger DIY

Anyone else has an emoji addiction? I’m guilty of having these cute characters sprinkled all throughout my text messages. These are also a great alternative to the boring number 1 foam fingers. Why not make these fun fingers come to life?

What you need: 2 12″x18″ foam sheets | 1 8.5″x11.5″ glitter foam sheet | Sharpie | Hot glue gun & sticks| Scissors | Emoji Template

Step 1: Print out your favorite hand emoji on an 8″x11″ sheet of paper. Cut the outline and this will be your template to use on the foam sheets.

Step 2: Trace your emoji template on the 12″x18″ foam sheet and cut out the foam sketch. Duplicate this step to create the “back” of your foam hand.

Step 3: Using your sharpie, outline the edge of your foam cut out to mimic the features of a hand.

Step 4: Heat up your glue gun and prepare to glue only the edge of your foam hands. There should be enough space to slip your hand in it like you would an oven mitt.

Step 5: Take your glitter foam and cut out either a mini egg shape or square shape (however you wear your nails…get creative!) and glue your nail shape on the nail beds of your foam hand.

Step 6: Wear your emoji hands to make sure your conversations have exaggrated but fun flair!


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