Fiesta de la Playa – Cinco de Mayo Beach Party

Cinco de Mayo is around the corner and it’s time to party! I love celebrating Cinco de Mayo! Maybe it’s because of all the colors….okay it’s definitely about the colors. If you are looking to host your own Cinco de Mayo party, perhaps do something different and have a “Fiesta a la Playa” – Fiesta at the Beach. I’m sharing some of my easy decorating tips on how to recreate your own party on the beach below.

Cinco de Mayo

When I had the idea to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at the beach, I didn’t realize what a huge undertaking it would be. Would I have changed it? Not at all! Being close to nature has such a renewing effect whether you are camping, walking the beach or just walking the neighborhood – outdoors is the place to be. Take a peak at the video below on start to finish set up and the fun I had putting this all together.

I LOVE COLOR…let me say it again, I LOVE COLOR. I enjoy bringing spaces to life with vibrant colors but a little secret – in my day to day life I can be very plain. Example being, I love the way strawberry ice cream looks with colorful sprinkles. Will I eat it? Probably not. I personally enjoy Vanilla…maybe add some hot fudge syrup but very traditional and very plain. Complete opposites…blame it on me being a Gemini, haha!

Cinco de Mayo

I became a sweet corn fan after having some freshly grilled…talk about a treat. I never knew the hype about corn until I kept stumbling upon Street Corn. Wow…try it. That’s all I need to say. Enjoy the savory, buttery, saltiness…just be sure to drink water to flush your system later. I have a delicious fried corn recipe that is easy to make in big batches and disperse in cute mini containers for a crowd. Get the recipe HERE.

Another love of mine to upgrade your fiesta, POM POMS! I searched high and low locally for a colorful pom pom garland and had no luck. I figured, this has to be an easy DIY so check out this 3 step DIY.

Cinco de Mayo


1. Pick up a mix of pom pom colors and organize them in whatever color flow you’d like. My pattern was Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Yellow Orange, Red, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Purple then it repeats. You can order from Amazon or visit your local craft store.

2. Thread fishing line, colorful yarn (you’ll need a yarn needle) or if you have neither sewing thread through your pom poms. Here is a tip – i’d go with yarn as the thought of untangling sewing thread (if it gets tangled) is a nightmare!

3. Knot the ends and voilá! You have a colorful pom pom garland perfect to bring color into any space! I used it to trim the pop up umbrella and it was perfect.

Cinco de Mayo

There are so many ways to make Cinco de Mayo “your style” with vibrant color mixtures to traditional or untraditional food. How are you celebrating the festivities? How about I give you more inspiration with some colorful and fun photos below…

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

Sidenote: A lot of my decor pieces have been collected over time and a few are on the whim purchases. I frequent Homegoods (who doesn’t?) Marshalls and TJMaxx often and can ALWAYS find something. Additionally, I enjoy long strolls through Target (yea I live on the wild side) and the hidden gem World Market. Let me know if you all want links to some or all of the products – I’ll be happy to share my addiction.

Wishing you a safe and colorful Cinco de Mayo!

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