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Houston Life TV #NationalMasonJarDay Recap

Earlier this month, I had the fantastic opportunity to talk about one of my passions – more like a two in one combined – crafting and national holidays. In the recent years, national days of “whatever” have become so popular I am wondering how we ever survived prior. From national chocolate chip cookie day, to national cotton candy day (one of my favorites…of course) if you can think it, I’m pretty sure we have it all.

Houston Life TV is Houston’s local lifestyle tv show that reached out to me to showcase my love of National Days. The day selected…National Mason Jar Day. If you are a crafter, you know a staple in the toolbox are mason jars. Regardless of your “style” you can always revamp a mason jar to fit into any event. Check out the segment below and tune in to Houston Life everyday at 1pm cst on Channel 2.


Check out the White Christmas Sangria below:

Fresh Fruit/Garnishes – Cinnamon, Cranberries, Rosemary Sticks, Oranges,

Simple Syrup



1. Rim Mason Jar with simple syrup and dip into sugar plate.

2. Place fruit in the bottom of the Mason Jar and muddle slightly with a spoon.

3. Add sangria and mix with bruised garnish at the bottom of the jar.

4. Add ice if not pre-chilled. (Optional)

5. Top with white wine or club soda to add more bubbles.

6. Add 2 or 3 various garnishes/ slices into each drink and one on the rim of the glass. Add a colorful straw and serve.


Shout out to my mom for snapping pictures from the tv. You can always count on mom to capture the highlights. Love her!


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